Dead sun cries out,

Rains burning tears

To parched landscape below.

Wild thunder rolls,

White lightning sears

No refuge to be found.

I can't escape -

My feared fate nears -

No hope to grasp at now.

I look around,

I am alone –

High on vacant spire.

The crows circle,

Caws crushing bone

As I watch them descend.

Voice on the left,

A cackling crone

"You should know your own time."

"Help me!" I choke,

She only laughs,

A harshly grating sound.

"Free me!" I scream,

"From my seared past.

Mother of all, save me!"

"All," she chuckles,

"Have different Paths,

Some never return home."

Crow's clutching claws

Compress my chest;

He looks me in the eye.

I writhe and shriek,

I do my best

To push him far from me.

But I'm so tired,

I must rest.

The woman is laughing.