I gaze across these wasted lands,
And lick the blood from off my hands,
Then scuttle back into my den
'Till some prey lures me out again.

It's thirty years I've lived here -
A daemon hunting nightly -
Driven from my native land
For they thought me unsightly.

I've had revenge to fill my heart,
"Vengeance!" - overflowing,
There's room for nothing else in me -
They'll rue the day they banished me!
My hunger's ever growing.

The silent screaming lingers
Around my dusky hole,
And when I try to shut it out,
It claws inside my soul.

What daemon could posses me,
And in such way displease?
It's my own screams that burn my mind,
And ghosts whose corpses, they'll ne'er find -
Men I brought to their knees.

And when my task is finished,
And every last lies dead
I'll find the place where I was born,
And there I'll lay my head.

With fire all around me,
Foes in pieces in the street,
I'll be my final victim,
My life, at last, complete.