Because now I am free again

I saw only you

I saw only your way

I saw only what you needed

I saw only how the others treated you

I only thought of one thing

How I

could help you

give you what you


I didn't see what others were

How others' lives were

I didn't see what they needed

All I saw was you

How I could make your life

The best

For you

I was a captive of what I saw


I let you

do with me

as you wished

I let you

talk to me

As you wished

I didn't see

What happened to me

I didn't see other people

In the end

I didn't know

What went on anymore

Because I

Saw only you

You went away

For three months

Back to your


You weren't there

And I got

Time to think

I saw

what others were

I saw what

You had been doing

While my eyes were clouded

Clouded with lies

Because of my blindness

Clouded with you

Because of

How you treated me

I saw how others were


Of your absence

And my eyes


A little

I even

Saw what you had

Done to

People at a certain age

You came back

You tried to

Dominate me again

But the

Handicapped boy who you thought you knew

Was no more

I was




Cannot own me anymore

Because now I am free again