Ok so I'm just going to tell you what I said in chapter one at the end of it. My partner in writing this has not talked to me in over a year so I'm just going to go ahead and try to write it on my own instead of leaving you all out here like this with not knowing what will happen next, though you guys have probably forgotten about this story. Sorry about that; but I will try to do this story line justice, probably won't happen, but I will do my best. I would love to here your comments on this story so far. And if you could help me with some ideas on where to take the story that would be great. (I kinda suck at writing). But yea thank you soooooo much for your patience. And please just have patience with me it may take a while before I find out where we were going to take the story and how I'm gonna direct it in the right direction to give it the justice that it deserves.