I am the killer

I am the end

My existence has no beginning

It has no end

I will walk the earth

Until nothing else walks

I will still be here

When everyone has rot

I am not prejudice

I take all

Old and young

Rich and poor

I do not care who they are

People fear me

They try to hide

But in the end

They don't survive

So remember me when in the grave

When standing at heaven's gate

Remember me when in heaven

And pity me when your there

Because of all the power that I have

I really couldn't care

Because the place I wish to be

Is the place I never can

For Death cannot claim you

When you are Death himself

This is a poem I wrote because you never think of how Death feels. I mean come people he has feelings too. So anyway please REVIEW! ) TTFN LATDCOMM(located at the darkest corner of my mind)