DDT Lab Rat

One: Sunday Showers

Alaine sat on the sofa carefully trying to make as little noise as possible, as not to wake up her baby nephew. Her sister Gabrielle handed her a cup of tea and sat down, watching her. Alaine started to fidget, this was the worst part of the visits with her sister. The already strained conversation and false pleasantries got even worse as the tea was brewed (always Earl Grey-she refused to give Alaine coffee) and talk went from family and the weather to Gabrielle's fabulous life and Alaine's obvious lack of a man and money.

"Oh Alaine," Gabrielle sighed,"Why do you insist on making things hard for yourself? Denying the obvious facts."

Alaine ignored this and encouraged by her silence, Gabrielle continued. "Its bad enough you insist on pursuing a lost cause such as painting...but the fact that you refuse to settle down, get a man-"

"Painting is not a lost cause."

"Well," she said dismissing Alaine's comment, "If you were to at least settle with someone with a bit of money so you could go on with this hobby of yours. If you would just try..."

"I don't want to try! When the right man comes, I'll consider settling down."

"And by the 'right man' I suppose you mean 'white man'."

Alaine shifted uncomfortably. "...And if I do?"

"And if you do, you're being a complete idiot. I thought you've been through this enough times to know!"

Alaine sucked in her breath. "Look Alaine, I'm just trying to get you to see sense, I'm your older sister, I'm supposed to look out for you. I just want you to be happy as I am."

Gabrielle was happy; her life reeked of success. She had a reasonably large house on the west end, a job-no, a career as an accountant and was married to Brock Eager, one of London's most eligible bachelors. He was tall, dark, bald and muscular. Alaine could never see what her sister saw in him, he had a very off putting disposition and brought Alaine in mind of a toddler who couldn't decide whether to spit up or not. Alaine thought her sister could do a lot better, Gabrielle was an attractive woman with a warm face and a matronly body, while she wasn't gorgeous, she could pull any man she wanted. And of course, there was baby Vincent. Contrary to Alaine's fears when she first found out about the pregnancy, Vincent looked very little like his father and seemed to be of better temperament.

"Look...I've got to go, if I don't leave now I'll probably miss my bus." Alaine pushed her tea onto the table, spilling most of its contents onto the polished wood.

"It looks like it's going to rain, why don't you stay over for dinner?" Gabrielle said, unenthusiastically.

"I'm fine." she replied, picking up her keys and walking towards the door.

"Leaving so soon Al?" Brock sneered from the kitchen.

Alaine ignored him and slammed the door shut, and after kicking over one of their cheesy garden statues, she walked into the street. The sky was grey as she walked to the bus stop and a few stray drops fell on her face. She glared at the gathering clouds and silently dared them to rain on her-as if in response to her challenge, the sky opened and it started to rain heavily.

"Is there a reason why everything is so fucked up?" She yelled looking into the dark sky, "Is my karma that shot?"

She stood a moment with her eyes closed, letting herself be bombarded by the cool droplets.

"Do you often yell at the sky for raining?" a voice asked.

Alaine turned and found herself staring into the nicest pair of green eyes she'd ever seen...a pair of green eyes that were clearly mocking her. She flushed slightly and looked down.

"Only when I have really bad karma." she couldn't stop staring, this stranger was so...cute. He had dark brown hair, cut in a longish skater style, and was pale, with freckles all over his face. It made him look a little childish, and probably younger than he was-he looked about eighteen, Alaine's age.

"Your karma ran over your dogma?"

Alaine smirked "Something like that."

Just then, the bus pulled up. "Ah...this is mine. Laters...stranger." Alaine said mounting the bus.


As Alaine got of the bus near her house, she got a glimpse of herself in a storefront window.


Her once neatly combed afro was slightly askew, her yellow Nelson Mandela t-shirt was dirty from that rain and her paint stained jeans had a hole in the rump that she hadn't noticed before. She looked...homeless. That guy...whatever his name was probably thought she was on drugs too, shouting into the air. Alaine groaned, it wasn't her day. On the bright side, she'd probably never see the green eyed stranger again.

A/N: Yes, I know this was quite boring for a first chapter...but I just needed to introduce the general theme of Alaine's lifestyle.