Shattered Words

Crashing of pens being thrown against the wall

Clicks of keys being pressed

The one hope I have left

My true chance to hide

Scratch of pencil against paper

Whispers and rumors they'd spread

Good try but I know

I can't hide from words like I can the rest

I never belonged

So I froze my heart

I'm there still

Only in appearance but not in full

Who I am I don't know

I belong for once

If I smile and nod

Go through the motions

Hide behind others words

But if I take a moment to long to dwell

I'll end up back here

I don't know why

And I don't care

Now the only crash I hear

Is breaking glass

Shattering to pieces like my written words

Just take these words

I don't want them

These shattered words.

They make me lose touch

For to them I only belong

I can pretend I'm someone else

But I can't lie in these words

Black and white

The lies on paper blind me

Shattering like the glass reality that surrounds

But really growing smaller to suffocate

I want to shatter the glass

Like these words on paper

That are as fragile as these tears I hide

That freeze up inside

But tomorrow like any other I'll go back

Maybe for once I'll fight back

Shattering all their false ideas

Imagining the faces

Feigning innocence of my pain

Lies are what they tell

A gift or curse


I can't be like them here

I've tried

Words written mean more than those spoken

Lies on paper just keep shattering

That is why I say

Take these lies far away

These shattered words.