If Relationships Had Epitaphs

I know I said I'd never say it again

But today I think I should

I know we promised that we wouldn't end it

But today I think I could

I don't know if my whole life is worth giving up

Just to have a few weeks with you

I know you want me to just shut up

But I'm not going to

I know its gonna kill me slowly to leave

But I will die faster if I stay

Please know how much this is hurting me

But it has to be this way

You know you said that you had changed

But today I know you lied

I know we pledged unconditional love

But today that love his died

I don't know if I can sacrifice everything want

Just so I can become something that I am not

So I can be with you

I know you want me to shut my mouth

But I'm not going to

I wish, I wish it hadn't come to this

Too bad, too bad, too bad they say

I want to be with you in the worst way

But our love has died today

Here we lay to rest

These broken hearts

And pieces of the past

May they sleep in peace

Lux aeterna luceat eis

Domine cum sanctis tuis

In aeternum