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Chapter 3 – Partner From Hell!

Paige's POV

The rest of Sunday went by pretty uneventfully, after my run in with Nate we spent the rest of the afternoon working on our tans before retiring to Jamie's room for a good old fashioned movie night. Jamie was a RA so he was the only one of us with a single room and enough space for all of us to lounge on the floor. Plus his parents' had brought him a killer home entertainment system, they didn't like to acknowledge that their son was gay. It seems his parents' had dreamed of little grandchildren and with that dream gone, it was easier to buy him whatever he could ever need instead of dealing with him.

Like Holly, I had known Jamie close to my entire life, we met in Primary School and he was actually my very first boyfriend. He was an important sixth grader and I was a lowly fourth grader, it didn't last for too long especially when he seemed to have more interest in my Barbie Dolls than I did. But there was no hard feelings, we have been best buddies ever since. He was so happy when I wanted to change look, he told me to think of him as my style consultant so between him and Holly they can pretty much take full responsibility for how I look today.

I woke up bright and early Monday morning, well I guess seven thirty in the morning wasn't exactly early, but for me it was a pretty good effort. It wasn't the warmest weather so after my shower I got dressed in a pair of black bootleg jeans, an off the shoulder red, long sleeved t-shirt and a leather jacket. In the process of doing up boots, I lost my balance and fell flat on my face, god I was such a klutz. Yesterday I bruise my ass and today I get add to the lovely collection black and blue on my body.

"Perfect!" I muttered to myself as I was lying on the fall, "just perfect!"

All the noise must have woken Holly up, she groaned as she rolled over to face me. She smirked when she saw me laying on the floor, "I know the beds here suck but sleeping on the floor is a little drastic don't you think?" she joked.

I sat up glared at her, "oh you're so funny." I sighed, "I had a little mishap trying to get my boots on."

Holly chuckled, "aren't we a klutz lately."

I stood up stretching my back, "I know tell me about it, I'm going to be bruised all over."

She glanced at the clock, "it's seven thirty, we don't have a class until nine. Why are you up so early?"

I shrugged, fixing up my top and grabbing my bag. "couldn't sleep just thought I'd go down and have breakfast ."

Haley put the doona over his head, "mwafp kd" she mumbled, her voice muffled by her donna.

I laughed, "sleep well Hales I'll see in class."

The walk to the cafeteria was a pretty short one, we were really lucky, our dorm room was in the centre of the campus so we were close to everything. Five minutes' later I arrived at my destination, it was weird to see the play so crowded on a Monday morning especially this early. I quickly got in line and started loading my plate up, a bowl of cereal, pancakes, fruit salad and a bottle of orange juice. I know what you're going to say, 'what a pig!' right? But I dance in my free which gives me a pretty fast metabolism, I'm always hungry.

As my meal card was swiped I felt someone standing behind me, breathing against my ear, "feeding an army Evan's?"

I smiled as I recognised the voice, I turned around leaping into his arms. "Alec! I thought you weren't due back for another week."

Alec chuckled giving me a quick squeeze before releasing me, "yeah well I started getting bored" he ran his index finger up and down my forearm sending shivers up my spine, "plus the girls' in New York have nothing on you."

I smiled as he leaned in, giving me a quick little peak on the lips, "did that line work on the girls' in New York too? The girls in San Diego have nothing on you?"

He laughed again, "ok busted! But I really did miss you."

Let me set the record straight, Alec and I are, nor have we ever been, a couple. We met back when we were Freshmen, back when we were both looking for someone to help us through this weird phase in our life. Haley and the others' had there on problems to deal with so I decided to go to my first college party along, I bumped into Alec and we hit it off. Many hours and a lot of beers later and I woke up in some random room with a killer head, no clothes' on and a snoring Alec beside me. At first I was a little freaked out but once Alec woke up we got a coffee and had a chat. Both of us hated relationships' and had no intentions of becoming a couple but we were both adults' and had needs so we agreed to be 'friends' with benefits'. I know it sounds weird, a girl to want something like that, but I didn't want attachments, still don't. Alec and I see other people but occasionally we get together for a little fun. He was a looker, 6'3 with ash blonde, spiky hair, green eyes and a body that most girls drooled over. Alec was smart, he was funny, kind, just not my type but I loved having him as a friend and plus he was always a plus one whenever I needed an escort somewhere.

He followed me over to an empty table, and proceeded to steal food from my tray until I hit his hand away, "get your own." I stated.

Alec laughed, "still haven't changed huh! Still a bitch when it comes to your food."

I laughed, "I haven't changed since freshman year, and I like my food so yes I can be a bitch!"

We spent half an hour swapping holiday stories' before I realised I had left the one text I actually needed this morning in my room.

I stood up, throwing my bag over my shoulder. "Hey I got to go but we'll catch up soon, yeah?"

He nodded, "how about tonight? Movie marathon in my dorm?"

I smiled, "sure, see you at about seven." I walked away knowing full well that we would probably never get around to watching the movie.

Nate's POV

I yawned as I stretched in my chair, it was eight in the morning and all I wanted to do was crawl up in bed and sleep for the rest of the day. But no coach had to shift today's swim practice from a night one to a morning one, he said it was because it was unfair for the girls' to have to do so many morning practices. The majority of the team thought seemed to think he was lying, they believed he had finally managed to score himself a date. I really didn't know what to believe the thought of couch dating any girl was more than enough to freak me out.

So after our gruelling, two hour swim practice, the majority of the team went back to bed but a lucky few of us had early classes'. So that brings me back to now, sitting in the cafeteria drinking a strong cup of liquid slug, the school's coffee was nothing to brag about, trying to keep myself from falling asleep in my chair.

Bobby sat himself down beside me, his tray piled high with food. He placed a stack of pancakes in front of me, we had had a bet going at swim practice if I beat him then he had to buy me breakfast. "Come on mate eat up!"

I dug into my breakfast glancing around as I did, "what are so many people doing up so early?"

Bobby laughed, "how knows mate, I'm just enjoying the view."

I chuckled, a man after my own heart and he was right the fine ladies' were out in force this morning, they were enough to make anyone thankful they were awake. As my eyes' roamed the room I spotted a familiar face on the other side of the room, Paige was sitting there in all her glory she looked amazing today, the jeans she was wearing hugged all the right curves. I watched as she playfully smacked a guy's hand from her tray, a boyfriend perhaps? Maybe that's why she's been giving me the cold shoulder. She did say the other day that she wasn't doing a walk of shame, maybe she was just coming home from her boyfriend's place. I hope to god he's just a friend because I really don't like boyfriend's they complicate things too much.

I continued to stare as I watched her rise from her chair, give the guy a quick peck on the lips and leave the room. When the guy turned I finally recognised him.

I smiled, "hey Hartford!" Alec turned around and I waved him over.

Alec Hartford was on the swim team with us and a fellow heartbreaker, I hope Paige wasn't his next target. I didn't really spend much time with the guy, apart from the swim team, we hung around with different groups but he wasn't such a bad bloke.

I grinned extending my hand out as he reached the table, "hey mate thought you weren't gracing us with your presence until next week."

He grinned, "yeah got in last night, couldn't be stuffed staying an extra week plus the parentals' were give me the shits."

His family was one of the richest families' around, his grandfather built a multi-million dollar chain of hotels' and they've been racking it in ever since. His parents' were bored half the time so they spent half their time fighting, it couldn't have been a fun vacation for him.

"So where were you this morning? Coach will have your head if he thinks you skipped out of practice."

He shrugged, "I'll just tell him I just got too late to know that the practice time was changed"

I sighed, "I saw you over there with Paige.."

Alec laughed, "you know Paige?"

I nodded, "yeah I had the pleasure of running into her the other day."

"She's such a great chick, I love her to bits."

I frowned, "she seemed a little cold to me."

He raised one of his eyebrows at me, "Paige cold? I've never met such a warm and inviting chick in my whole life."

This was so weird, everyone seems to really get along with her but she hates me for some odd reason. "So has someone finally managed to tame you huh?"

Alec laughed, "me and Paige? Nah we're just good friends."

"The body language seemed to suggest otherwise." I prodded, trying to get more information out of him.

He grinned, "like I said we're "good friends'"

It was my turn to raise a eyebrow at him, "as in….."

Alec nodded, "Paige isn't a relationship kind of girl, we understand each other." He looked at his watch, "sorry dude but I got to run."

I shook his hand and watched him run out of the cafeteria, I couldn't believe it! Paige didn't do relationships, she was my type of girl. I just didn't understand why she was behaving with me the way she was, I thought she would have been into me, you know birds of a feather and all that junk. That girl was turning into a real mystery to me, but I was dying to work her out.

I said goodbye to Bobby and raced off to my own class, unfortunately I had to take an English subject so I could actually graduate this year. I had put it off as long as I could but I couldn't put it off any longer. And lucky for me I left enrolling until the last day and the only English subject that wasn't full was Shakespeare. I had never understood anything he had every written and had even fell asleep in the Romeo and Juliet remake with Claire Danes, one of the girls I had some fun with had a thing for Leonard Di Caprio and forced me to go and see it with her.

The class wasn't too hard to find but I was running late and there were only a few seats left. As I looked around I smirked when I saw Paige trying to hide her face from me, I walked up the stairs to her row of seats and sat down in the aisle seat next to her.

She glared at me, but I saw something small in her eyes that told me she didn't really hated me. "Out of all the seats' in this place why did you have to sit next to me?"

I chuckled, "that hurts Paige, here I was thinking that we were actually becoming friends." I glanced next to her to see Holly trying to hold in her laughter, "hey Holly"

Holly cleared her throat, "hey Nate."

I turned back to Paige, "so Paige, are we friends?"

She was about to reply when the doors to the hall opened again, I watched as a man in his late sixties' strolled past the seats and placed his brief case on the desk at the front of the room. He was about 5'7, with thinning grey hair, I couldn't see his eyes but the look he gave to room was ice cold.

"My name is Professor Jamison and this is Shakespearean Literature, I'm not going to lie to you, this class is hard, has a lot of work and by the end of this semester you'll probably never want to see me again. But understand this, I may be a monster at times but by the end of this semester you'll walk out of here with a new found appreciation for the work of William Shakespeare."

We spent the class hearing him drone on about William Shakespeare and his life and life works. By the end of the class I was so bored, I was nearly asleep. "Okay class that's all for today. Now as for homework, I want you to glance down at your seat number."

I peaked down at my seat, number fifty-three, I glanced back up as he continued. "Those of you in an odd number please turn to your right and meet your parent for your first assignment. I want a three thousand word essay on the great man himself by next week. That's all, I'll see you all next."

Paige looked like she was fuming, "someone up there hates me." She muttered under her breath.

I smirked, "aw don't want to be partnered with me huh?"

She rolled her eyes, "whatever gave you that idea?" she stated sarcastically, "listen let's just get through this week okay, how about we meet up tomorrow afternoon at the library I think we should be able to get this done in one afternoon."

I sighed, "come on Paige, when you get to know me a little better I know you will start to see I'm not such a bad guy."

Paige sighed, "just meet me at the library at noon tomorrow."

I watched her sling her bag over her shoulder and follow her friend Holly out the door. I smiled to myself as I packed up books, tomorrow should be interesting.

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