Scent of suicide

Eyes so deep an ocean without a end
Life so confusing no one left for her to depend
Scars stand out on her weaken wrist
A sign for help others may have missed

Wings torn and broken hang sadly down her sides
What she had been left with from all the painful lies
Her hands begin to tremble as she writes her last goodbye
Shes fighting a loosing battle no strength for one last try

As others are at school she sits alone and waits
It's the only option, to look for heaven's open gates
Forsaken and alone an empty bottle in her hand
Her memories and heartaches can't be removed like water onto sand

No more time for waiting, as the phone begins to ring
It's already too late, the fallen angel starts to sing
Her wings begin to open in all their broken glory
Time begins to freeze on this tragic mournful story

Her halo begins to slip around her weak neck,
As tears stream from her eyes, her body a nervous wreck
Her hair hangs covering her frozen eyes
And as she departs to the sound of an angelic reprise
Everything she's free of its gone, the pain they had never known
As someone waits to talk to her, but hears nothing but the dial tone

There's a faint scent of suicide on your one last breath
And a line of destruction running down your neck
There's a body full of heartache from what I now have left...

dear diary
As I sit here writing no more tears for one last line
The pain that once was yours, seems now to just be mine
And I don't know what to do,
Because these words are killing me too.

a/n in memory of Sashi