AN: I am sooooooooo excited over this one. Super duper excited. It's kinda like my own little story and has a rather special place in my heart. Only because it reminds me of my love Jesse. Katoi is another word for Transexual. In Korea they are considered the third gender.This is about a TRANSEXUAL so you have been warned. Don't read if you don't like that sort of thing. So er all mine no stealing. Er yes there really are Katoi in Korea, of course I don't own them but the story idea is mine. In addition, the club is a fake if it somehow manages to be the name of a real club in korea it was purely by accident. The actors, singers, celebs or people in general are all non-fictional characters don't go searching google for them for you shant find the real ones there. R&R. Yes, I think that is all. Toodles D.R.

Beautiful Katoi

Chapter One: Beautiful Me

Even when I was a young boy, I knew I wanted to be a katoi. It captivated me like nothing else. It was scary sometimes watching the others like me. How they were on stage singing, dancing, acting. They were performing in a way that was like nothing I've seen my family do. It was in knowing they were born a man then die a katoi. Something about it was just magical. It would be easy to live this way. Being a katoi is my dream. I had started young, getting estrogen in a small bottle and a pack of needle to insert it into my blood flow. It was extraordinary seeing the curves come from my thin straight figure. A flat chest turn into small perky beast and finally a b-cup emerge. Wide hips, shapely legs, and a toned flat stomach became the new me.

I worked just like any other katoi in Korea. I was a bartender at a local tourist's location called Fleeting. My white top cut low and showing my belly at the bottom. A pair of midnight tight pants covered my long legs and the straps to my red thong could be seen above them. I was sexy tonight. I felt beyond beautiful, nearly invincible. Silly as it sounds. However silly it may have sounded didn't stop me from having as much fun as I did. I moved my tan body to the sound of a famous Korean artist. I loved his music it made me feel so free. It was exactly what Adrian was looking for. Though I didn't know it at the time he was watching me all night. Not that it was uncommon. I was an attractive girl after all. So when he came up to me with that corny James Bond line. I merely laughed before getting him his beer. But before I could turn away from him he turned back to me with his heavy blush covering his litter of freckles splotched cutely across his pale face. His rich light brown hair draped across his brow. And I nearly melted at the sight of his deep blue eyes. He smiled at me easy and wide showing off his beige teeth. A pink tongue dipped out to lick his thin pink lips before he asked me about my night.

"Fine is there something I could help you with." I wasn't normally so rude to my customers but he made the sadist side of me come out to play. Perhaps it was the confidence pouring off him in waves profoundly mixed with masculinity.

"Sure is." He said slowly with a wicked grin and a mischievous look in his set of sapphire eyes. His boyish looks clashed darkly with his personality.

Needless to say I spent the next few hours of my shift teasing, talking and cursing the man standing there in front of me. When my shift was over, I allowed him to walk me to my car before he turned back to the club. I couldn't help but pout at the thought of him flirting with some other girl. But, alas I was tired and there was no way I would seem as desperate as to go back. He knew how to find me and if he was interested, well he could come see me. So I had absolutely nothing to worry about. Or so I kept telling myself.