Crossed The Line (The Other Side)

You were my friend all the way,

Until one day,

You decided to walk away,

You went to the other side,

Now all of my thoughts collide,

It was you that I would confide,

About all of my secrets that I would hide,


Like an eraser, you rub everything in my face,

But, it's you I want to erase.

You used to agree with me about everything,

You would beg to hear me sing.

You were always there,

You would "forever care".

But, somehow you crossed the line,

You went to the dark side—

And didn't stay on mine.

The other side…

You said that were gonna be best friends forever,

You did nothing to fix this at all—

I was the endeavor.

Your forever, turned into never.

I guess you lied.

You try to copy everything that belonged to me,

Can't you see?

We're not best friends anymore,

You need to absorb this specific lore.

I'm opening the door,

Walking through it,

Locking it behind me,

And, don't you dare try to pick the lock,

I'm tired of your endless mock.

Stop following me,

Get your own friend,

I really want this to end.

I know you think severing these ties are very harsh,

But get over it,

Because you can't get lower than what you are,

And that's a marsh.

This is gonna happen a lot in the future,

I'm not going to try anymore to stitch up this suture.

Good luck with the rest of your life—

I just hope you don't ruin what's left of mine.

Go corrupt—

Get someone else to be your little puppet.

She'll do whatever you say.

But, I'm fed up with this,

I'm going away.

I'm going away…

Just remember,

This is what you get,

When you,




Oh, when you crossed the line---

And went to the other side………