In the first part it is him who leaves eight wrinkled twenty dollar bills on the bedside table after they fuck. He puts on his clothes, and always hesitates at the door. Micah lies there for a few minutes, and then he gets up to hide the money in the pages of Naked Lunch.

When the book starts to bulge he moves it to a weighted bag in the toilet tank. Micah is saving the money to get his life together. Or at least that is what he tells himself.

The other money that the others press into his hand or sometimes down his pants he spends on rent for his cheap apartment on the edge of downtown. The leftovers go to crystal or whiskey, or whatever he is in the mood for.

Micah is proud that he is not addicted to anything yet. He always adds the yet because he refuses to full victim to self imposed irony. He is convinced that the irony would be the thing to kill him, not oding or aids, or any of those cliched junky ways to go.

He is also convinced that he is a sociopath, and he uses every opportunity to prove it. He never holds the door or says thank-you. He says what he wants when he wants. He thinks about committing the perfect murder and feels nothing.