In reality, Micah watches while he checks into rehab for a few weeks. Then he checks back out, looking a little better again, and begins it again. It becomes a pattern that Micah becomes immune to. He calls it the junky lifestyle, while rolling his eyes.

He gets a B- on his movie. His professor criticizes the blankness of the characters, which does not allow the audience to connect. Does not allow the audience to care. Micah argues that he doesn't know anyone real who arises interest, let alone empathy. He says emotion makes him sick.

He drops the class. A month later he drops out. He resigns himself to being no one and doing nothing. He gets and quits a few minimum wage jobs. He doesn't hate them all.

He moves away five months later to Vancouver, and Micah does not see him again. He wishes that was how he had ended his movie. It would have been easier if the end was planned out before it began.