There's this hideously blue feeling
Digging into my soul like a
Crystal ocean that glitters metallic
Kisses onto my skin and somehow
Some miraculous through occurs inside my
Helplessly broken self that maybe
Everything will end up all right

Tonight I imagine our final
Embrace because no matter how
Shallow it was my heat still
Flutters thinking about you
Burning body arms wrapped
Around my arctic figure mesmerized
From your words and when you
Touched my mouth you poured
New life into me like my blood suddenly
Only sang for you a strange melody called
Pulse rushing where your hand once held
Mine so empty now that you're gone

Stars always hurt and I can't
Imagine what it might be like to
Someday sit and watch the sunrise but
Not really watch the sun rise and how
As rain beats my window panes and
Licks my bare skin a pleasant yet
Horrific feeling of wanting you so
Much but realizing I really don't and
It's just so hard wishing you were
Someone I know you can't (but could) be

We never had love and barely
Grasped lust but I know we are
Somehow more important and this was
Meant to be and maybe when we're
Older we will understand or meet
Again and comprehend what is impossible
To see now and we will take each
Others hands and feel everything that
We've always known was inside
Ourselves but couldn't bring it out
Without being together because I
Know there is something a
Little more than nothing when we touch

Then again we may never meat
Again and perhaps I'll even
Forget your name and scent and
Touch that was affectionate but
I have this funny feeling that
Will never happen so I guess
I will just pretend you don't
Matter at all anymore nothing
Is being torn when you scribble
So nonchalantly to me because
I so obviously need someone to
Feel bad for me

There I go again getting
Completely lovesick and then
Angry because I can't decide
How I feel anymore

You're just a million shattered
Promises and I'm that gift you
Got one year that doesn't really
Mean anything to you but for
Some reason you can't bear to
Throw away even when I'm on
My knees begging you but
You just pull at my chains I knit
Together with poetry and make
Me feel almost worth it this
Endless cycle of loving to hate
You and hating to love you I'm
Just hoping for the future and
Crying for the past we almost had

And I almost feel empty again until you
Inspire me in the most tragically beautiful way