Grass stain

...and what it means to me. Oh God,
tell me it was just a dream. The sky so gray
the red so deep. The time so black, the cliff
so steep. "Jump." "Go ahead, jump."

I know this boy, he knows who I am.
Yeah, he knows I am a stranger.
He's twenty forever, and I'm a little bit
younger, but hey, that hasn't stopped us
yet. "Stranger, stranger, come out to play
The red so deep, the sky so gray."
We know he's not dead, 'cause he moves
in his sleep. It's just so deep, we have
to sigh with relief. Or at least
I do, 'cause I'm the only one here.
Soon I'll be right by him. Wow, what a
cliche. How do you know his voice isn't
the sweetest drug? Better than his
homemade addictions. It's the opiate of
the brain waves that are trying to
forget. Wow, that's one steep cliff. What a
jump. I know this boy, he sings songs
in the rain. I guess he can't help
but say, "Wow, baby, that's one big
grass stain." "No," I tell him calmly, "It's
just the sea." "No," he says, "That's much
too deep." A cliff so steep. God, I can't
jump. His eyes are too wide when he looks
at me, laughing, when he sings songs in the
rain. I wish you could see the photo I'm
seeing. Lucky you, you stopped the pain. Jump
off the cliff, into the sea. "It's okay if you don't wanna
swim." You really wanna know why I
can't do it? Oh God, you know why, just look
at him.