Aiden's POV

Anna stood there, thinking for a moment. Smiling, I tapped into her thoughts, just as I had learned to do as a slayer. Her thoughts were pensive, mostly about me; Unless...Rod has to be the one who turned him. And the buffoon who told me got killed. I wish Mistress Elizabeth were here; she gave me the song. the song of nature and music.

At this, she threw her head back and sang, in a haunting and haunted voice, a song which was familiar and foreign at once. Her voice echoed off the walls, as she sang;

In the forest, a wolf howled at the silver moon,
In the jungle, a cougar roared a gray baboon.
In the sea, the dolphin lay to sleep,
In the glade, the weeping willows weep.
Everywhere you go,
The way things flow,
Is unique,
You may or mayn't find what you seek.
A simple beat,
Like the pattering of feet.
A shapeless melody,
That's how it ought be.
Listen to the song of the moon when it's full.
Listen to the spell it casts, the gentle, sleeping lull.
The music of the breeze,
Which all can hear, but no one sees,
You must find your song,
Call me right or call me wrong.
Sing it for me,
And for you, there I'll always be.

My breath caught as she stopped, looking away. Anna finally said, "I don't know, I have never sung that sing. It's calling to my lady. Mistress Elizabeth will be here soon."

Anna's POV
My heart would have thundered in my chest if I were still living. This supernatural phenomenon would soon be at Mistress Elizabeth's mercy, and that was not exactly safe or comfortable, but I knew it would be worse for me later. I had called Elizabeth, and her anger at me remained. Aiden stared at a point behind me, horror etched upon his flawless face.

Finally, he found his voice, "Elizabeth? I thought you had suffered the pain of death and actually stayed in hell, which is exactly where you belong, woman. Or ought I say, monster." I whirled, only to meet a pair of furious violet eyes. She was in full vampire mode, and Aiden better watch out. She barreled past me and dove for Aiden, who sidestepped her with an amazing accuracy. It suddenly dawned on me that Aiden was one of those talented who could sense a vampire from over two feet away. Crouching, I sprang toward Aiden and pinned him easily to the ground. He hadn't been expecting this and was thrown back violently. His eyes glowed reddish and bits of black began to swirl in an almost hypnotizing fashion. I shoved him to his feet and twisted his arms behind him. Turning him to face Elizabeh, I said in a low voice, "Here is your prey, Mistress." Elizabeth tossed her head and said arrogantly, "If you, a simple, young vampiress could catch him, then you are advancing. You will come higher in my favor if you turn him." I was shocked, but nodded numbly. She had had no intention of ever turning a human, but this wasn't a human. However, she might find that she was an rekcus, one who sucked powers and transferred them to herself, generally permenantly. With a slight shrug,m she whipped him around to face her and drank his blood. A new vampire's blood flowed only directly after a feeding, but stopped about ten minutes later unless he or she was bleeding. I sucked his blood, feeling him grow limp ion my hands. Finally, he was drained completely, and exausted. Anna took a dagger from her hip sheath and slit her wrist, allowing her blood to pour down over his shoulders. It trickled down him, covering him. He looked at me, and then fell limp.

Author's Note

So, Aiden is a vampire, and it just so happens that my little romance bit is going to involve him. I think it's pretty obvious, but, maybe I'll add a twist. I can say no more.