The Fate of a Monster

Six horsemen wait upon the hill
Honing their weapons with deadly skill
They seek a foe few dare to meet
Their mission is the beasts defeat

The dragon waits inside his lair
An evil beast as knights declare
His might and majesty they fear
And so endanger what he holds dear

"Forward to the dragons den"
Cries one horseman to his fellow men
And on they ride to claim their kill
Believing their mission as God's will

The horsemen soon come into sight
And though the dragon knows his plight
He hesitates to wield his claws
Until the first horseman's sword blade falls

The horsemen battle valiantly
They carry on quite gallantly
Crimson stains the cavern soil
Fruits of their unfaltering toil

The dragon stumbles and then falls
His time is done, his destiny calls
From golden eyes flow crystal tears
And brave knights laugh at a monsters fears

Three horsemen stand upon a hill
Their swords stained red from their last kill
They sought a foe few dared to meet
Their mission spelled the beast's defeat