Everything will be all right

Sighs, little quiet ones coming from around the world.
Sighing from everything that has gone wrong, but
it will be alright tomorrow or the next day.
You can see all the wrong and filth thats build up
from humans.
Were all guilty of sins.
Sins that some pray to go away, while others can't.
Does that make one better than the other.
Everyone's history runs together,
with tears of losses and regret or having endless fun with friends.
No one ever wants to be alone, unless of course you think your antisocial.
Even the antisocial ones can't stand to be truly alone.
You don't need to speak many words to be important.
Remember sometimes actions speak louder than words.
So hug all you want, smile because you care, get angry to let all the shit out.
Less time on your sidekicks, i-pods, computers.
Hearts feeling elation of contentness.
Take a walk to let your mind wonder around...
When your tired of it all, from the those depressive thoughts
and frustration from not getting what you want.
Know there will be someone out there feeling the same way
and all the same thoughts pass through everyone at one point.
Don't think about the future and how crappy you'll feel in the morning,
think about a far away place and close your eyes.
You do the rest.
Things will be all right and deep down you know it.
No one said being happy was easy.
In the pursuit of happiness.


I hate sitting in the same chair.
Same chair where I feel guilt weighing me down.
I'm sinking...sinking...
I remember her words, her look.
What a wonderful mother she is.
She protected her daughter from screwing up her mind.
Like I did.
It feels like all the bad karma I built,
finally caught up to me.
I respect it.
Now maybe I will use more common sense.
Cause and effect ladies and gentlemen, don't forget that.
I'm resentful to others I know,
who need to own up to their responsibilities.
My head is down, can't look people into the eye.
I'm the bad influence, the one who needs to be stayed away from.
That's a first.
I just want to leave this fucking place.
I'm just the big fuckup right.
Well for right now.