Im lost in another one of your failytale facades again. But your hiding all of the 'happily ever afters' (you never got that far anyway) leaving damsels in distress and jack with the giants. In your version snow white ate the apple "low carbs" she says with a porcelain grin (but baby its just nice plastic)

You wrote out your words in gold tinted ink that run glossed and glittering s e e p i n g through my pages. Don't try to fool yourself that "I cant do this anymore" will taste sweet. The cyanide running down my throat from your sugar lies coated catch you re(a)d handed .

I wont let you skip this chapter.

Poor little Cinderella all sorrow and t.e.a.r.s., some boy stole your shoe (& a piece of your heart) and no one ever told you glass b.r.e.a.k.s.

& yeah its one of those days again

& im still hatingloving you & lies like these never tasted so good

I would rewrite our story

Make tragedy the new never after

But your're here, another unexpected storyline

& your mouth hasn't forgotten the old intoduction