Winter's Diamonds Are Tumbling

Flecks of icy cold diamonds are
Tumbling down from the skye this morn
Bitter cold winds are blowing thru
Frost remains on branches of trees so bare
Exposed to all the changing elements
Missing their leafy covering
The blood within their mortal trunks
Is at a standstill as on warmer weather
They give wait till life rejuvenation gives the flow
Returning again to their twisted branches and so to life
For now though
It is good that life for the trees is at standstill
For as reality sweeps through
Bitter chills a sail and
Facing the storms of life head on
It is better that their blood, the summer's sap
Is more as ice water that is frozen in place
New Buds so tiny await their awakening
Not knowing all the changes that have happened
While they lay tightly coiled within,
Hanging on by a thread as though it were
Resting in deepest Wintry night.