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A tall young man strode down the street and grinned at a pair of girls who were looking out of their bedroom window prettily. The two girls smiled back at him and gave a wave. It suddenly dawned on them who the young man was and they rushed indoors to tell their mother.

The young man, by the time the entirety of the small village knew he was back from the city, had reached the small house and farm where he lived with his father, cousin and the farm-boy. He ducked under the low hanging wooden doorway and smiled widely at his father who ushered him towards the worn old table and into a seat.

"Just let me call your cousin."

"Call for the farm boy too Father" said the young man with a slight smile. His father gave him an indulgent look and called for both the boys. The two boys ran into the room a few minutes after being called and stood before the young man.

"Hey guys" said the young man.

"Welcome home" said the farm boy with a shy smile.

"You damn got the position didn't you little cousin!" stated his cousin with a grin,

"You're right, Erik, I got the position"

Erik gave a whoop and pulled his younger cousin into a crushing hug. "I leave tomorrow morning early, I came home to tell you all the good news and get my stuff" said the young man happily,

"So you're just leaving…?" said the farm boy slowly, an odd look on his face. The young man turned away from his cousin and father who were congratulating him and looked at the farm boy, appearing confused.

"Well, yes, I guess I am…" The farm boy scowled and ran off outside.

"What's up with him?" asked Erik. The young man took a step towards the door, "Don't go anywhere Mac, leave farm-boy, he's just jealous" said Erik. Macrae shook his head, and replied concernedly,

"No, Erik, it isn't jealousy. I'll just go see if he's ok." Erik shrugged and waved him away with an easy smile, rolling his eyes.

Macrae stepped outside and walked around the building to the back. He looked out over the pens with the sheep and the horses in and saw a lone figure by a tree on the crest of the hill. He sighed and began to run towards the tree and the farm-boy. He hadn't meant to do anything to offend him and didn't understand what he had done. He'd gotten what he'd worked so hard for. Couldn't the other boy see that?

He reached the tree and walked over in silence to the other boy, sitting down beside him on the soft grass, admiring the view in the twilight. Eventually the farm-boy broke the silence.

"What do you want?" he asked sullenly, "Shouldn't you be celebrating or something? Or packing maybe? You seem pretty excited about leaving after all, leaving all this behind, your father, Erik…" the boy trailed off, his angry words fading to almost silence, "and me" he added softly, his voice barely audible. Macrae looked confused, then understanding graced his features and he shook his head, wrapping an arm around the other boy who stiffened at the contact.

"I think I get why you're angry now" he murmured, "it's because you don't want me to leave isn't it. You wanted me to stay here with you…" The farm boy sighed and relaxed his body into Mac's.

"Do I mean nothing to you, Mac?" asked the farm boy sadly. "Has everything between us meant nothing to you?"

Mac twisted and wrapped both arms around the other boy, pulling him close and burying his face in the other's soft golden blonde hair.

"Don't you dare think like that" he said in a gentle threat to the other boy. "Don't you dare think those kinds of things. You know you mean a lot to me, Wes, really you do. Every moment we've spent together we've got closer and closer and I know we have feelings for each other. You'll never mean nothing Wes; you'll never mean nothing to me, you'll always mean a hell of a lot." Wesley sighed and snuggled closer to Mac.

"I'm sorry Mac," he murmured into the other boy's shoulder, trying to make the moment last forever, because he knew that the boy he had come to care so much for was leaving in the morning. Macrae leant back against the tree in a position that left him almost lying down. Wesley shifted so he was sitting up a little more than him and let Mac lie half on top of him, his head resting on Wes's heart.

"I know" said Mac drowsily in reply to Wes.

Both boys dozed for a while in each others' company, both enjoying the feeling of a warm, strong, well built body close to them. They dragged themselves to their feet and walked back to the house hand in hand until they reached a certain point when they reluctantly released their holds on each other and pretended they were nothing more than good friends. They knew Erik suspected that they'd grown closer, but he'd never mentioned it. But, after all, the only things they did were hug and hold hands occasionally, when alone together. They'd never tried anything beyond and loving cuddle by their tree on the hill. They didn't dare.

Wesley went to his room early that night and sunk into his bed with a heaviness on his heart and a new ache he had never felt before spreading through him to encompass his whole body, mind and soul. It hurt. He lay in bed for a long time, hearing Macrae joke around with Erik and his father, then later as he moved quietly around his room, packing up his things. Every sound made while Macrae was packing reminded Wes that he was leaving in the morning. Thus, every single sound went lancing straight into his heart with a stab of pain that tore at his poor soul.

Macrae was unaware of Wes's predicament and was packing his things into travelling packs. However, he was not at peace either, his heart twisted at the knowledge that he'd not see Wes for a very long time, maybe never again - fate had a way of keeping lovers apart somehow he knew. He tried to stop the tears that slipped unbidden from his beautiful blue eyes, but couldn't help it. He didn't know why the idea o being away from Wes hurt so much. He had an idea why it might be, but he wasn't going to think about that, it would just make saying goodbye that hell of a lot harder. Both boys eventually fell into fitful sleeps and dreamt, thankfully, of nothing.

Macrae woke in the morning as the first dawn light fell on his face, its cool warmth growing stronger and more golden as he washed and dressed, the birdsong growing louder too. Wes washed and dressed quickly too and joined Erik and Mac's father downstairs, assisting with opening the window shutters and feeding the animals. When Mac arrived downstairs, ready to go, Wes was nowhere to be seen. Mac, his cousin and his father stepped outside and stood by Mac's horse with him , helping to load up the bags and saying their goodbyes.

"Where's farm-boy?" asked Mac, just about to leave, realising the golden haired boy hadn't come to say goodbye.

"He's probably busy" said Mac's father, not seeming too bothered. Mac frowned and ran off to find Wes, knowing there was no way he would leave before saying goodbye to the gorgeous farm-boy.

"You were going to let me leave without saying goodbye" stated Mac when he found Wes, sadness in his voice. Wes turned and Mac saw the unhappiness on the other boy's face making his heart twist painfully. He yelled at himself inwardly. He was not going to admit to that feeling. It was dying to be known though, just desperate to burst out of his mouth and make Wes understand.

Before Mac could stop himself, he'd run up to Wes and let the boy hold him close and nuzzle up to him. He bit his lip. He would not let it out. It would make it too hard to leave with it out in the open. He pulled away a bit and looked up at the other boy. Something broke inside him.

"God, Wes, I'm sorry to say this now, but I love you" he blurted out as he lost control, then he flung his arms around the slightly taller boy's neck and pressed their lips firmly together. Wes did not hesitate to wrap his arms around Mac's very slightly smaller form and kiss him back with all the desperation and love he could muster.

Mac did the same, allowing Wes access to his mouth and letting the blonde taste every bit of it, then returning the favour and mapping every part of Wes's mouth with his tongue. He kissed Wes with all the feeling that had been building up for ever so long. He was afraid to admit it, because it made things difficult, but he kissed Wes the way he did because he was head over heels in love with the blonde farm-boy.

They broke away after a minute or so and held each other close still, eyes a little glazed, lips swollen and breathless.

"I love you too Mac" whispered Wes, leaning his forehead against Mac's, his golden waves mingling with the other boy's messy raven black tresses. He closed his eyes, knowing that he should never have said the words out loud, and that Mac had never meant to either.

"I have to go Wes" murmured Mac, voice laced with anguish. Wes didn't open his eyes, just released his grip on the other and took a step back. He felt the soft press of Mac's lips against his one last time and he responded with the slightest pressure before he felt Mac step away and heard the boy leave. He felt himself go weak at the knees as he heard the horse galloping away and felt hot tears slide down his cheeks as the sound faded away to nothing.

Wesley looked in the mirror that night trying to work out why he suddenly looked different. Same blonde hair, same tanned skin, same well-built body, same brown eyes…but no, they weren't. They were sad now and empty, like they'd never been before, they held no light or warmth any longer. And he realised the other things that had changed within moments. He could no longer see even the vaguest hint of a smile and the expression looked odd on him. The thing that made him different so suddenly couldn't really be seen in a sense though. But he could feel it. He could feel its weak, slow, sad beating, every pulse a pain to him. The thing that had changed was his heart. It was broken now.

Now, I, if I get some people saying it's worth me doing so, will write more of the story. This chapter was more an intro to the main character Macrae if you will, plus a bit of what he's leaving behind so you understand him more. The next chapter, assuming people want me to continue, will be about the position he has acquired. Let's put it this way; dragons, bare chested fencing lessons, gorgeous (male) nobles, plots, magic and a few people who are determined to make beautiful little Mac forget all about his Wesley.

By the way, Wesley has wavy just past his ears blonde hair, brown eyes, is tanned, is very well-built, is gorgeous in a young Heath Ledger sorta way and around 6"3. Macrae has black hair that is messy in a sort of Gerard Way style like when he had his messy black hair, has blue eyes, is not so tanned as Wes, is just as well built as Wes but in proportion to his own height, has a sort of tall dark aristocratic sort of handsome thing going on and is around 6"1.

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