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Macrae awoke in his new quarters with an ache in his body as a result of the riding he had done the day before. His saddle was comfortable, but all day long even on the most comfortable saddle is destined to cause pain of some sort. So he slid out of his bed, wincing slightly and taking a moment to glance around the room. It was nicely furnished, but simply done in pale wood and a tasteful forest green without anything fancy, just what was necessary.

He walked over to a basin of water and stripped off, bathing himself with the cool water and relishing the feel of the soft washcloth on his dirty skin. After washing, he dressed in some new navy breeches and a white shirt with slightly billowing loose sleeves, wanting to look presentable before his superiors.

He looked at his reflection in the mirror and took a deep breath, closing his eyes. How had everything changed so quickly? Just yesterday he had admitted his love to someone and today he was preparing to live a life without them, maybe eternally. That kiss had been a goodbye kiss, maybe a forever goodbye kiss. Mac didn't even want to think about the possibility, but he knew he might have to face it one day, hurt him though it did. He let out the breath slowly, desperately trying to banish the image of Wes' sad face dancing behind his eyelids and tormenting his aching heart.

He opened his eyes turned away from the mirror, walking over to the door as he heard a few impatient knocks. He opened the tall wooden door to find himself face to face with a somewhat tall individual with a half smile on his face. Mac frowned slightly.

The tall youth smiled, grey green eyes bright with interest, and extended a work worn hand. Mac shook it and took the moment, as the other did, to look him over. He suppressed the idea that the boy was good looking as it felt as though he was betraying Wes by even thinking of it. It dawned on him suddenly, that shaking hands was usually done after introducing oneself. He opened his mouth to speak but was beaten to it by the other young man.

"I'm Callum, I've been sent to help you around this place. It can be rather difficult for the first week or so you know."

Macrae nodded thoughtfully and tried to banish thoughts suggesting the boy's voice with its deep rough tone had made him feel a little like an adolescent schoolgirl.

"I'm Macrae" he replied, releasing the other boy's hand from his grip. Callum grinned and asked with a playful smile;

"Mind if I call you Mac?" Macrae blushed.

Callum smirked a little at the pink tinge that covered the other boy's cheeks, tidying his vibrant red hair and raking a hand through it. Mac composed himself in a hurry, his warm cheeks embarrassing him further.

"Only if I can call you Cal" he countered, voice not quite as smooth as he might have liked. Callum joking looked pensive for a moment, a frown on his face. After a moment, he laughed slightly,

"Of course you can Mac, most people do."

Macrae felt strangely at ease as their conversation continued and they walked down a long corridor, windows to their right, looking out over the training yard, to their left, the other rooms for those that worked in the place.

"Right," Cal said, "The thing is, you're here because you're good at everything."

"I don't really understand what is needed of me though…" mumbled Mac, uncomfortable with his ignorance at the job he was required to do. Callum smiled.

"That's ok. It's simple. There are ten of us, including you, and we are a small group of individuals who are trained to the utmost to, well, look after Lyndon, to be honest. He has us to protect him with head, heart, magic, fist and sword. He's not an idiot, don't get me wrong, but he has to have us to 'protect' him. It's the way things have always been."

"I still don't get it, who is Lyndon exactly?" Callum chuckled, the sound deep and rich,

"This is how I know you're not a city boy. Lyndon is your prince, Mac. You might find that piece of information useful." Mac bit his lip and had the decency to look a little ashamed at not knowing the prince's name.

Cal lead him down a flight of spiralling stairs and outside into a small courtyard. "I think that it's high time you met the rest of the group Mac. They're all real nice, so I'm sure you'll fit in fine." Cal strode through a few arches and into a small secluded inner courtyard, away from the training one, in which a group of young men were sitting. Before Mac could protest, he was dragged in by Cal.

They all looked up at Mac, their gazes varying in intensity. The one that unnerved him though, was a tall, lithe figure with curious amber eyes. Callum muttered in his ear;

"The guy over there with the honey eyes is Lyndon." Macrae pulled himself together and took a step towards the young man, bowing low, then straightening up to meet the gaze of his prince, over whose face, a slow and delighted smile spread.

"You are the last of my personal guards" stated Lyndon, sounding pleased. He grinned at Mac and tucked a bit of white blonde hair behind his ear. "A pleasure to meet you" he purred, voice dropping a little, extending a hand.

Macrae took the hand and another young man beside the prince mouthed 'kiss it', so he lifted the hand up and grazed his lips very lightly over the prince's knuckles. The blonde prince smirked and asked him; "What's your name, guard?" Macrae swallowed hard,

"My name is Macrae, your highness" he replied, keeping his voice smooth and polite.

"Well, I'll call you Mac" said the prince with a little laugh, "And of course, there is no further need for politeness unless we are at a royal function, so you may call me Lyndon as the others do." Lyndon paused, brushing blonde bangs out of his eyes; "Actually," he continued with a little private smile to himself, "You can even call me Lyn if you want." Macrae nodded and relaxed his body, letting the tension in his shoulders ebb away.

Cal grinned at Mac and gestured at the other boys sitting around the small courtyard.

"Meet the rest of the guys, hang on, we're missing someone, who's missing?" As soon as Cal spoke, a tall young man strode into the meeting, walking up behind Mac and wrapping strong arms around his waist.

"Who are you now eh?" he muttered in Mac's ear. Mac gulped and made an unintelligible sound, body frozen still.

"Y'alright Jack?" said Callum with a grin, greeting the other boy. "We were wondering where you were man." Jack smirked and replied;

"I was busy, sorry I'm late. Who's the little hottie I've got here, Cal?" Cal smiled.

"This is Mac, the last of Lyn's guards." Jack let go of Macrae, spinning him around and taking a good look at him up and down. Mac blushed.

"Damn kid, you look even better from the front than you do from behind. Pretty eyes." Mac blushed more and tried to escape Jack's piercing dark grey stare. "What's your name, how old are you kid? You look way to young to be working for Lyndie boy here." Lyndon shot the boy a glare at the cheeky endearment, rolling his eyes, Jack just ran a hand through his tousled brown hair and grinned.

"My name's Macrae. I'm sixteen. That isn't that young, don't call me a kid"

At his words, all the young men looked a little surprised and smiles spread across all their faces. Lyndon stepped forward and said with a smirk;

"All of us are eighteen or nineteen Mac, you are a kid to us." Lyndon looked dangerous when he murmured softly; "We are going to have so much fun corrupting you"

Mac took a step back. Lyndon was a gorgeous guy with a strange edge to him and he was more than a little wary of the wild look in the amber gaze. He had a strange urge to let Lyndon corrupt him, whatever exactly that might involve. It suddenly occurred to him what Lyn seemed to mean by corrupt and thought immediately of Wes.

"I don't want to be corrupted thanks, erm, Lyn." Lyn laughed, the sound making little shivers run down Mac's spine and unconsciously his breath quickened a little.

Lyndon stepped forward so Mac was pinned between him and Jack. He gripped Mac's jaw with slender fingers that exerted an oddly strong grip, then tipped his face up so Mac's sky blue eyes met his own honey coloured eyes. "You will be begging for any one of us to corrupt you any way we wish before long Mac." Mac shook his head and breathed a little quicker through slightly parted lips. "Trust me, you will" stated Lyn with a deliciously wicked smile, leaning closer to Mac.

Mac's breath hitched as Lyn pressed soft lips against his. His heart rate sped up, like the fluttering wings of a hummingbird. He gasped involuntarily as Lyndon pressed their lips together more forcibly. Lyndon took the opportunity to deepen the kiss and slipped his tongue in, mapping out Mac's mouth with the ease of an expert. Mac kissed back, somehow registering the sweet taste of the blonde prince, all thoughts of Wesley temporarily banished from his mind. Lyndon broke away with a smirk.

"What were you saying there Mac?"

Mac looked shocked. He closed his mouth, wiping away the moisture from his lips and biting his lower lip. Lyndon raised an eyebrow and Mac ran as fast as he could in the direction of his room. Lyndon smirked again. "Well boys, game on" he said with a smile, striding out of the courtyard. The boys scrambled to their feet, running off to find Mac.

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