HIYA GUYS!! Tehehehe. You might have noticed that Just Peachy is back in action for people who read it, but among other projects while I was taking a brake I thought up a sequel to this story that I just couldn't get out of my head! Well, I decided I'd put it up for a vote, read the basic concept idea and vote yes or no! Depending on how much support it gets and how much you guys like the idea I'll start writing! Check my Homepage, my new website, for updates and blurbs and pictures and story stuff :)
Sequel CONCEPT: It's No Surprise
Summary: After breaking up, Addy Rosch 23, just as crazy, sarcastic and violent as ever, never thought she'd see Matt Silent, handsome and arrogant, again. Addy really should have known better, she discovered a long time ago how vindictive fate could be.
Chapter Eleven: Satan Effing Hates Me.

It's been six years, two months and three days since Matt took my to Junior Prom. We shared two mostly wonderful on and off years when almost to the day, freshman year of college, he walked out of my life without so much as a glance over his shoulder when he went. I finished art school with honors, never once meeting Matt on my trips home to visit Dad and Angie, and my baby sister Peyton, who is near spitting image of my stepmom except she's blonde. I graduated art school two years ago, stayed in San Francisco where I had attended school, and built up a nice little business painting murals for schools, other businesses, and commissioned paintings. What happened to the gang? Well of couse Rexy and Mace are married now, I was maid of honor. Rexy is a hairstylist hoping to one day open her own salon. Mace is Computer Technician at an Alarm System company, Nathan, if you can possibly believe me, is now living out his calling as a proffesional Photographer. I know, weird right? Aaron went on to study architecture with Matt, though I'm not sure where either of them are now. We all live in San Francisco, not more than five hours from where we all became friends. I never thought I'd see Matt again. I was dead wrong.