Premonitions breathe into my soul

Fear immobilizes me

I can't move, I can't speak, I can't smell

I can hardly see

The devil takes my hand walks

Farther along with me

He is my guide through this lonely storm

Along the raging sea

Yet a scent in stronger in front of me

One of beauty and of grace

One that left a print on my heart

One I can not erase

The devil has to let go of my hand

Darkness has to flee

No longer can my heart be sad

It must now be filled with glee

Fear is no longer my partner

He is no longer my friend

I have chosen one who cares for me

And will not let my life end

Love is now the cup I sip

Since I no longer always fear

My heart is happier in this place

My heart no longer tears

Fear was my death and my security

No longer even a friend

And that is the way to make yourself happier

In the very end.