In The Storm is Found Peacefulness

Dark rain laden clouds are slowly blowing in
Way up high yet in the skye they linger
The cooling breeze that signals their arrival
Just brushes at my face
With strands of hair tossing so carelessly.

The days have passed as though in dreary a fog
Held captive and desiring to be released
Yet in chains of bondage held, locked within
Grappling at the walls of stone mason strength
That has held back my soul from attaining freedom.

Yet somehow I feel it.. right to my very core
That with the mighty storms that are about to rage
So too shall my soul find its sweet escape
In the midst of the wildness of the weather
Then it is that calm to my spirit may be found

The mighty rush is felt as each new gust rolls in
New awakening is surging through my body
My blood coiling through my veins
Anticipating with an eagerness divine giving to me
To take flight and soar into the vastness.

Can ye not feel it in that great outpouring
Standing all drenched as the thunder pounds
Aliveness to vitality with life flowing jubilation
With pain and sorrow, sadness washed away
I tell ya true, 'tis a force to be reckoned with.

Days have been so rainy this winter
Not snowy…just everlasting rain or so it seems
Yet today late in the afternoon with rain subsided
I took to my porch and what should soar in the heavens..
Except for my most treasured to my heart pets...
Seagulls in Flight
To me the promise that things will not always be as they appear
That somewhere a time awaits when "magic" as it were
Will come to life again
Its been such a hard unending time
Of going through the motions of living and yet not alive at all
Feeling numbness to my spirit
Like hidden away into a cave where air is smothering
There I am given to gasp and struggle
Then in those moments when the Seagulls made appearance
I mean it was like only for briefest of seconds that, there they were
Then gone and only clouds lingering in the rainless sky
Yet in those moments, precious moments
I felt as though it were all of life surge through me
There was a quickening that took place within my heart, my inner person
I so love Seagulls in Flight
And somehow with their appearing I am given to feel deep within
That all though not well now..
Yet will be a wellness springing forth on a horizon that has yet to be

Cold hard grayed steel like days
When branches bare
The few buds curled up tightly
Daring not to venture out
No song birds chirping forth
The silence shattered by howling, moaning winds
That lash at the windows
Rattling the panes
Seeking to race in from the bitter North Chill
That's enroute with a fevor that is out of control
Inside myself I shiver
Desiring warmth
More so for spirit within
That seeks for solace
Then it is when a Friend enters
The day still deathly grey with night coming on
It is just that the cold bitter hardness
Has with a softness been replaced
For something beyond compare comes into play
When a Friend enters in
That no matter how much a day is like
Cold hard grayed steel
That a transformation is given to take place
That magical newness of life lives on
When in the midst the sensation grows forth
Of radiant glowing golden season
Those curled up buds within begin to unfold
When the kindness of another
Has left her gentle showers giving blessings.

...and together, in one Spirit,

it is likened to...

"Where two or more are gathered in my Name"

...for then there is a doubling of Strength, to not only sustain but go beyond sustainment, to a place in the Heart that feels the genuine warmth of Kindness no matter how harsh the winds blow or how dark and ominous the environment.
Buoyed within by a Friendship that never waivers or changes with the new Seasons!

Continuing on with thots intermingled...

Strength For The Moment

Here in midst of Winter's Blast
Though crystal like shapes of ice
In form of snow have been few and far between
It's been the showers of cold downpour
That have sought to bring low my spirit within
Then for a moments few
Just a mighty few don't cha know
Release within I somehow felt
New strength
For though only for the moment
A brightness within shown through
New hope surged within
For it was in those moments that
Strength, the little within
That had survived the latest onslaught
Was doubled when you passed my way
For the little I had was about to seep through
The cracks, to be no more
Yet in your passing
What little that I had
That was about to be diminished
Fully done away with to be as cindered soot
Was given to multiply and into a radiance
Though small at first
Yet still was given to survive the flicker
And into a full blown blaze rise up
I stumbled away reeling in the
What seemed to be an explosion
Taking in the new found warmth
Where limbs almost frozen beyond any use
So dead to the touch just like my heart
Suddenly felt a tingling
One toe and then another began to move
Just so slight the movement
Wiggling toes was the best for the longest time
That I could do
Yet in time
Began the long process of placing one foot
In front of the other
Till it was
I was walking once again
Heart was racing
Blood pumping
Living once again where it had seemed
Dead to life
Now electrified with energy anew
And all because you took the time
To give of your time your strength to me
When then mingled with the little that I had
Something in those moments happened
For Spirit yet greater was come
To be formed
Spirit beyond my spirit and your spirit
Rather Spirit awakening was formed
The kind that can not be explained
Just come to be known
In twinkling moments when unselfishly united
As a fusion that gives energy to flow out
The strengths of each of us fused together
Gives to be experienced...LIFE

May I welcome you to "The Café Espresso" where for many a day here we have found ourselves lingering, expressing thots that reach out and give warming touch to each others souls, chasing that what would seek to bring despair. Rather as liken to a hot espresso we are discovering that under pressure, as it were, that the brew...ahhh 'tis better now...not all watered down yet rather a richness prevailing ...and... so too our lives really are in NEED of that pressure that from time to time we feel bearing down upon us and thusly our lives made richer for it. (At least I have found this to be a truth for me) For though as much as that pressure may build up to where steaming I think I am gonna blow as it were (though in all honesty I usually am not given to anger rather an abiding hurt as it were and I guess it would be possible to blow as it were from hurt, like maybe a heart blown -- I don't know, somehow I feel as though not quite expressing myself as I have felt within)...yet rather full bodied...full spirited or at least in that process I feel I am becoming more so full spirited with a life not all watered down.

...sharing out of the depth of my heart... know the situations that oft time in life that have caused me the deepest pain to inner soul, where that pressure seems to be more than what could be borne, that when borne it is then the most learning I find I am coming into. You know as much I really have never quite been into say, "Instant Coffee" yet that is how I think for long awhile I lived, you know, simply responding and not really always giving thot, rather know, more so instant say in reply...and then so great it was that I was lacking though then at the time in passing this I realized not. But then when under pressure, when it is that my soul where squeezed to a pressure I thot that I could not bear...when bitter tears were shed, well then it is that more compassion and may I say to...passion I was given to know a more Espresso way of being.