i got ambition to live in the richest of skyscrapers

making some fly paper, contemplating mob capers

my patience tapers seeing weaker people taking favors

my people bleeding while the greedy deamons rape us

those that have the cash and the kids that cash in

on mom and dad's rations that afford for name brand fashions

the same bastards that can afford to save stashes

are making stacks investing while exempt from paying taxes

meanwhile the working class only holds bus passes

and the lack of funds from taxes contracts to lower classes

i can't believe it's deemed as right

that the majority of people can't even lead a life

unless a finger's pressed on the pulse of your neck

from a bank while a load of debt lingers on your head

it's no wonder we plunder, held under as the funders

of the flag we wallow under, depressed, upset

wrecks of selfishness, addicts feeling helplessness

our health is dead and death is rest

in my head it's all i can't forget

the bread that doesn't spread

we tried education but money keeps us in our places

we tried to be patient saving but we're facing inflation

i'm caged in with nothing left and left complacent

it's no more a case of races,

the race has changed its pace and we're in stasis

i can't erase this hate, regain this faith

i can't keep playing this game with the same refrain

i look back at my tracks from where i came

i made a long way with my slim remains

i had to hack and slice, exploit each chance and vice

i had to bet my last cent on both credit and debit

i came from nothing to something

made my way pushing and shoving

no cushions or loving came from all of my suffering

i got ambition to live, get fit and have kids one day

i can barely afford to get prescriptions to keep sane

this kid's a pissed off critic with a list of shit to spit

this shit is fucking ridiculous, i'm tired and sick of it

i merit to bitch, i toiled to live

i watched the communities around me turn canabalistic

from a baby to kid, adolescence and onward

i can barely stand to suffer, work, and live any longer

knelt down i belt out for someone to help out

but those who give a fuck and understand too need help now

so if my soul seems cold a chills the winters

if my demeanor is less than respectful or sincere

know that i'm on the brink of straight giving up

for no other reason than i don't give a fuck

i daydream of waking up and can't sleep enough

hoping some day soon some broke motherfucker

thinks that i can get mugged

so i can blow the top of all my angst and erupt

worse case scenario leaves me down in the mud

so i may mean nothing and this means nothing to you

but you don't know what a desperate motherfucker will do

when that pissed off mother fucker has got nothing to lose