Chapter 1: Revenge of the Pervert


I sat there my feet resting up on the principles desk as I waited for her to grace me with her presence.

I had been in trouble many times at this school, but yet, this was the first time I was faced with our new principle.

She was quite young, well not so young, in her early thirties anyway.

From what I'd seen when she sauntered down the halls, she had short choppy black hair and a lean figure. I had spied some of the boys checking her out, which disturbed me greatly mind you. She could pass as a student if she tried however.

I sometimes even wonder how she got the position; a principles job seemed for people who well...appeared older.

I hummed tunes under my breath as I waited for her arrival. Most people would be nervous, the ones that actually turned up to the office when sent to it anyway. You could split the ones that get told to do so into groups.

a) The ones that chuck a fit when told to and throw chairs around the class, risking innocent human beings safety.

b) The ones that get in trouble, but worry about what their parents might think afterwards and are shaking all the way to the principal's office.

c) The ones that go to the office kicking things and swearing, generally making a scene.

d) The ones that like me, aren't bothered by it and cheerily make their way over to the office, waving to the secretary on the way in.

A, b, c are routes I find are for posers. If you are going to get in trouble-and you know it- take it like a man and go in with pride, not shaking or throwing tantrums.

Because neither of those traits are very attractive.

I heard a door burst open and then close back shut. The principle had finally arrived and sat herself in her chair, eyeing my feet.

Perhaps she presumed I would take them off her desk if she looked at them long enough?

"Like my boots?" I referred to my black combat boots; I had two pairs of this shade. One pair glowed in the dark as I had stuck glow in the dark star stickers all over them.

She snorted and smirked her face lifting up to meet my gaze "You're a new one."

I grinned back at her "Who? Me?" I asked innocently fluttering my eyelashes.

"I thought as much. I did some research on you before I came, as to the reason while I'm late" her eyes twinkling at me. I raised an eyebrow and leant back in my chair.

"Oh?" I asked not the least bit threatened, if you didn't know me you would think I was the type that didn't get in trouble. I had this innocent look about me, with pearl pink lightly curly hair that goes about 10 centimetres down from my shoulders. My fringe was more to one side then the other and today my hair was up in a pony tail. My eyes are also hazel, isn't that great?

I also design my own clothes; the ones I am wearing are designed by me. The clothes in stores never seemed to look how I wanted. Well, apart from the band shirts I bought and ones with slogans designed to make people laugh, think, etc. You know, something.

"I got you counselling, every day at recess for two weeks/" She informed me and I nearly burst out laughing, she was just giving me a fun time. It's hell funny to mess with those counsellors.

"Wow thanks miss, I am ever grateful to you." I gushed profusely clasping my hands "I really need the help."

"I was only easy on you because you're classy and I like your style." She smirked at me "It's getting boring having to pay pity to those lost souls who come in here shivering. I mean god forbid, I'm about as scary as a teddy bear. The ones I really punish are the ones that result to swearing and kicking things."

"I dunno miss, you could be scary if you tried." I replied cheerfully "And if I came in here shivering, would I get less of a punishment? Because by Joe have I be playing it wrong if that's true."

"If you came in here doing as such I would be suspicious." She replied dryly.

"Damn." I swung a fist and shook my head "Darn shame."

She laughed and ushered for me to leave and I did so jumping to my feet, waving and then making my way out of the office.

At that moment, the recess bell went and I headed to where I would be receiving receive my counselling. Peeking through the door I noticed I wasn't the only one receiving it, this was group counselling!!

I snorted the corners of my lips curling upwards; this was going to be fun.

All around the class were the kind of burnouts you would expect to see on Saturday morning detention. And just some perfectly normal people like myself, although, I am much, much cooler.

I kicked the door open carelessly and bounded over to a chair in the corner.

I felt the eyes of many people on me; I smiled brightly at them with a peace sign. Their then eyes goggled they turned quickly around, leaving me and my weirdness to ourselves.

Unfortunately, or maybe not so unfortunately? I still felt a pair of eyes resting upon me.

I raised an eyebrow and searched the room for that specific pair of eyes, soon my own eyes fell upon a boy with messy brown hair and hazel eyes alike mine. He seemed somewhat familiar but I was sure I hadn't seen him at the school before today.

"Do I know you?" I asked with raised eyebrows and trying to pinpoint when I had last sighted this peculiar boy. Maybe I hadn't? My eyes could be playing mad tricks on me. Wouldn't be the first time, damn dysfunctional eyes.

He just narrowed his eyes at me and ignored my question, wait, was I just ignored? I was not.

I narrowed my eyes and jumped out of my seat and sauntered over to him with my hands on my hips "What's your problem?"

I then found him checking me out, slowly and dramatically. I snorted, how rude of him!

I flicked his nose and his eyes jumped back to my face but his eyes hid no shame. He did not look guilty, not one little bit! "Excuse me?"

"You're excused"

That was his response? No remorse? No apology? He did not even blink.

"Who do you think you are?" I inquired jabbing a finger into his chest, not that this would have too much of an effect. I bite my nails.

"Remington Holliday" he drawled as if it were even too much of an effort to say those words, how infuriating.

"Ok Remmy, next time you try to check a girl out, don't be so obvious." I advised him loudly making sure the entire class would have heard it and turned to return to my seat. Unfortunately he had caught my hand. He tugged on it, causing me to stumble back a step.

"You'll be sorry if you cross me again" he hissed so that only I could hear it and I responded by yanking my hand out of his grasp and planting a smirk on my face.

"No, Remmy, I will not go out with you." I replied loudly my lips tugging upwards as I made my way back to my chair and as I did so I heard him hiss. I chuckled to myself as the counselling teacher made his way into the room.

I sat myself down in my seat with my feet resting against the table and pulled my mp3 player out of my pocket. I then placed the earphones in my, well, ears.

As soon as the counselling teacher begun to lecture us I burst out with a "Scotty doesn't know!! Scotty doesn't know!! Scotty has to, Scotty has to go!!"

The counsellor said something directing at me but it was ignored as I head banged bouncing up and down in my chair receiving wide-eyed looks from all the other kids who were in the room.

I felt my ear phones being tweaked from my ears and I looked up with a pout on my face "Reese Anderson!"

Surprisingly it wasn't the teacher that tweaked my earphones out, it was none other then Cross-me-Again boy. He returned my mp3 player to my front pocket groping my leg as he did so. My jaw dropped.

"Sir he just groped me!" I cried pointing a finger at The Pervert but the teacher just sighed, his eyes rolling into his head "Sir I have just been assaulted! That is unauthorised physical contact that you just let surpass just then!"

"Miss Anderson would you please desist your horrid screeching, it is of no value during these sessions" the teacher drawled and I frowned crossing my arms. Honestly, what had happened to teachers these days? They don't even give a crap about their students anymore, no wonder America was in the state that it was now.

The Pervert sent me a snide smirk and returned to his seat; did he want a death wish?

The teacher then proceeded by asking the kids to inform him of any abnormalities in their life, and things they would like to change.

One kid responded 'I want to kill everyone.' Now you can just tell that he was a murderer in training, or someone with a very sick humour.

Soon the very same questions were directed at me and I ushered the teacher over "Well I have these friends"

The teacher nodded "Who?"

"Well, can't you see them?" I asked mock seriously my eyes widened gesturing to the space around me.

That was when his eyes widened and he paced quickly over to the next person with a frown on his face. I think I scare him, and that amuses me greatly.

The next person happened to be none other then The Pervert himself "So Remington, you're new to this school. What happened to land you here so quickly?"

"Sir, I can't keep my hands to myself, doesn't matter what age, gender, I just can't help it." He informed with a straight face and sent the teacher once more scuttling off with a horrified look on his face which cracked me up.

I saw The Pervert crack a smile, giving me a thumbs up. I couldn't help but smirk at his antic.

Fortunately for the teacher most kids in the class were reasonably normal and so he didn't have to use his scuttling skills too often.

After he had probed everyone for information he gave us to sheet to fill out, it was about how we 'feel'.

How do you feel right now?

Oh I feel enthralled, excited!

Why do you feel this way?

Because I am wondering what other marvellous things we are to do in this session, oh the possibilities...

Why are you here?

Because I was sent here by you dear.

How do you feel about that?


Are you angry at someone at the time?

A certain boy with messy brown hair and hazel eyes, by the name of Remington Holliday. He's got a death wish.

What do you plan on doing to them?

Castrating them.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

A good thing? Then we won't have spawns of Satan crawling about this earth.

Thankyou for taking this test, write your name on the top of the sheet and leave it on your teachers desk.

Is that a question?

I placed the sheet on the desk and returned to my seat, the teacher then ushered for us to mingle and talk to each other about our feelings.

Of course The Pervert had to make his way over to where I sat, sitting across from me and resting his head on a hand with a mock sweet smile.

"You're going to blind me with that face of yours, its called moisturiser, use it." I drawled setting my head on a hand imitating him.

"Age has been good to you." He smirked suggestively, what the hell did he mean by that? It wasn't as if he had seen me as a child to have anything to compare to.

"But it hasn't improved your attitude any now has it Reese?" he inquired with a smirk his eyes sparkling.

"Who are you?" I hissed narrowing my eyes, he knew something I didn't, but what was it?

"Don't remember me Reeree?" he asked with a pout.

Reeree? No one had called me that in years.

"I met you today, not too long ago, remember? What are you talking about?" I asked a puzzled frown on my face by now.

"I can't believe you." He frowned crossing his arms against his chest "Well I'm not going to tell you until you remember."

"Whatever, your time wasted." I shrugged kicking my feet back on top of my desk in front of his face.

"Anderson, Holliday here stat." the teachers voice boomed and we scuttled to the front desk "What is the meaning of this?" he pointed to the two forms in front of us.

"Isn't that supposed to be confidential?" I asked dryly with a raised eyebrow.

"You're going to castrate me?" The Pervert snorted picking up my form.

"Yup." I replied nonchalantly snatching up his sheet and gazing down on it.

How do you feel right now?

I feel dandy.

Why do you feel this way?

Because I got to grope someone.

Why are you here?

Because I feel asleep in class and despite numerous attempts to make me awaken, I stayed that way.

How do you feel about that?


Are you angry at someone at the time?

No I am not angry at someone who is angry at the time. I mean, who couldn't understand being mad at the time? We all want school to be over

What do you plan on doing to them?

I just said I wasn't angry, though I could do something heheh.

Is that a good or a bad thing?

Good for me, heheh, bad for she, heheh.

Thankyou for taking this test, write your name on the top of the sheet and leave it on your teachers desk.

Whatever you say hon.

"Pervert" I snorted under my breath throwing the sheet back on the table.

"Attitude adjustment" he smirked at me.

"Now it's come to my knowledge that you two have a little problem with each other, why is this?" the teacher asked calmly.

"Sir, he groped me. He also has a staring problem, and he should fix that." I announced my hands in the air.

"Well Miss Ander-" he would have continued but the bell rang and I jumped to my feet, skipping out the door.

"Miss Anderson!! Get back here!" he called boomingly after me.

"Sorry Mr. but it ain't recess no more, don't want me to be late for my classes do you?" I called making my way to my locker and grabbing my English book and pencil case.

I quickly made my way to my class in case of frantic counselling teachers.

Sitting myself down on my chair I sprawled my stuff about the table making myself comfortable.

Time for a much needed rest, ah Miss D be gentle with me I just had a therapy session here.

Just as I was about to nod off, my head resting on the desk, I felt someone playing with my hair. Now, who would that be? It's a pervert that's who, and who's our least favourite pervert? Come on, guess! Reeeemiinngtttonnn!

I pulled my head up a bit so my eyes were visible and I glared in the direction of The Pervert, what did he want?

"Now, now Reese. Wouldn't want to fall asleep in class now would we?" he berated with an evil grin on his face.

"Yes, yes I would." I informed him my head resting back against the desk.

During my slumber I felt a shiver, it was a winter day and I was wearing a singlet. I felt some warmth slip over me, which was odd. But who was I to care? It's called sleep deprivation. Meaning: I need more!!

Fortunately my English teacher had not decided to wake me up; I always knew I liked her.

2 periods later I woke up with the sound of the bell resounding. I grunted, shaking my head and attempting to awaken myself more so. I had someone's jacket atop me, now how did that get there?

I found, peering around the room, that it was The Pervert's jacket. He had rather paled because of his lack of a jacket, who said chivalry was dead? If not displayed by a twisted boy. But whatever.

I stood up from my chair and dumped the jacket on The Pervert's head displaying the smallest of smiles "Thanks, but doesn't mean I'm not going to castrate you."

He looked up to me and smiled at me, shoving the jacket back into my hands. I raised an eyebrow. "I have another jacket in my locker, take it."

I shrugged looking down at his jacket, it had skulls and crossbones printed all over it "Your loss, but be prepared. I might just keep it."

And add a few pink unicorns here and there.

He just smiled back up at me sweetly, climbing to his feet and bringing his face close to mine "Whatever, I just want to see you in my clothes."

That was when I clobbered him in the face for getting too close to me. He responded by clutching his nose in pain, had I caused bleeding?

He took his hands from his face, still having a pained expression. Damn, I hadn't. Caused bleeding that is.

I pulled on his jacket and made my way to the cafeteria to collect my daily slop, seriously, you didn't want to see our cafeteria food. It was like, gruel.

Once on transition day a kid came into our school to check it out. He took one look at our cafeteria food and walked straight back out.

I'm going to have to suggest something to our beloved Principle next time I see her about that, because it so wasn't Lunch Lady Doris's fault. She was quite the cook and made quite appetizing meals and treats when our school held a dance-prom, whatever you would like to call it-and other such events.

It was just; no one can make that food nice, no one.

I filed in line and soon met up with Lunch Lady Doris who served me up with my usual, it was supposedly "Fried Rice". But it looked like it had been put through the blender and then been pre-chewed. Yeah, I know. Nasty. It tasted fowl.

"I'm so sorry Reese; it just kills me to have to serve you this." She pointed at the food and slipped me a piece of layered chocolate mud cake as she did each day. I don't know why, but that woman had taken a liking to me. No one got cake from her, no one but me.

"Thanks Dor, but you are really too kind to me. I ain't nothing special. " I said with a grin, picking up a plastic spork from the tray.

"Nonsense sweetie, you are so special. So genuine and original, you're not that." She replied sweetly and I snorted at her reference to the cheerleaders who stood in the line biting their nails, they would only throw up their food in the bathroom later on.

"Thanks Dor, but I find pond slime to be of higher status then them." I smiled and she patted my shoulder sending me off to find a table.

I made my way to my usual table, where I sat-as per usual-on my lonesome.

Well, until he came and sat next to me. I narrowed my eyes at The Pervert; did he want his jacket back? Because he was out of luck if he wanted it back. He totally wasn't getting it back.

"Did I not punch you? Please tell me I did." I inquired pointing to a fist.

He laughed rolling his eyes and setting his tray in front of him, beginning to pick at his gruel. Ahem, I mean, lunch.

"Is lasagne always green like this?" He asked pulling a face at it and I snorted picking at my own lunch.

"Well, the cafeteria one is. But don't blame it on poor Doris, the food is all just plain gross. All she does is heat it up in the kitchen oven." I explained making a face at the fried rice and then deciding I would feed it to my dog Taffy when I got home, shoving it aside and starting on my cake.

"How come you have cake?" he asked pouting at it.

"I'm loved." I shrugged smiling as I swallowed the sugary goodness.

"Um, new guy, why are you sitting with a loon?" a familiar high pitched voice inquired.

"Is being mentally challenged a cheerleader tryout requirement? How long have you been using that one Kelly?" I asked barely even looking up from my cake. Because honestly, Kelly wasn't worth it.

I could feel her glaring at me and I smiled at my cake.

"No seriously, you don't want to be caught sitting with her, why don't you come sit with me instead?" Kelly asked flirtatiously.

I really think that girls mentally challenged.

"Uh I don't want to sit with you." The Pervert stated blatantly with a disgruntled look on his face "Why would I?"

Oh, that was harsh. But she totally deserved it, however unexpected it was. I had totally expected him to go follow her like a puppy, and most people would.

"What? You know you're cute, if you think you're beneath me or anything don't worry because I would totally go out with you." She reassured him with a wink and I found my self laughing at her. I mean really, she can't take a hint.

"You thought I thought I was beneath you?" The Pervert inquired with an indignant snort, he had obviously not been presented with our schools ever-so-sure-of-herself Queen Bee.

A resounding shriek echoed through the cafeteria and The Pervert's lunch was tipped right over Kelly's head "Oh. My. God. MY HAIR!!"

I could have hugged The Pervert in that moment; in fact I think I did. Well, before falling out of my chair and collapsing with laughter. This was priceless.

"Oh my god. Oh my GOD!"

I think Kelly had started to hyperventilate and the only words that left her mouth that moment were: Oh, my, god and hair. Excluding the 'and' bit.

"Hey, feel like going to the library?" I asked The Pervert. He nodded and as I walked past Kelly I made it a point to spread the gruel further into her hair with a hand. Let's just say whoever thought revenge was bitter, was wrong.


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