I deleted this last night when i uploaded it; but you all have reviews that seem like im going to have one more chapter. Lol, the last chapter I wrote was the final chapter. THIS is just bio's and like 'About' stuff that you should of picked up in the book. Lol.

About The Deal:

Hasuls: Only have half of a soul. The people of his race are never complete until they find their mate. Once they find the one they love or are suppose to be with, there body overrides their mind. And at times, they don't know what they are doing, especially if they are trying to stop it. It is hard for Hasuls just to have sex with anyone, they are constantly thinking and controlling their powers so there body doesn't start to take the others soul and mold it with theirs. So as the partner they are having sex with could be having the best time but the Hasuls will be in great pain. Also, when the diagonal lines appear, they -MUST- mold with someone or they will die.

Hulsals: The race that lives with Lin's Race. They are similar to vampires, they feed off girls. The majority of this race are males, but the women who are born and raised in this group of people have ruling over them. Especially because they come out uniquely beautiful.

When a lover rejects them, then they are put on a special life support until their soul is ready to try again. Some people stay in this forever.

Lin has been in it before.

Magic User: Shanye

The School: The school they attend: (chapter two)


North: Cyon
Right: Sedai
Left: Profen


Name: Arlin San
Dorm: Sedai
Age: 20
Eyes: Pure Black
Hair: Black, long, stops around his waist.
Height: 5'10
Weight: 130
Complexion: Pale
Race: Hasuls
Appearance: His race has somewhat of a Japanese look to them. Their eyes are smaller, and their bodies thin. They also originally came from Asia but have dispersed throughout the world with time.
Hates: Playboys, Vanity, ignorant people, people who hate on his race, people who touch him without permission, Roses.
Likes: Chocolate, smart people, other Hasuls, dancing, boys.
Powers: He doesn't have to many, his race is one of the more Unique races. He can conjure up little things, control one element he chooses.


Name: Shanye Delacroiz
Dorm: Sedai
Age: 24
Eyes: Green
Hair: Platinum Blonde
Height: 6'5
Weight: 160
Complexion: Average Pale
Race: Magic User
Appearence: French
Hates: Not getting his way, hard to get people.
Likess: Money, Sex, Easy Boys, Boys, Winning Bets.
Powers: Magic user.

Name: Sabin Machet
Dorm: Sedai
Age: 21
Eyes: Reddish-brown
Hair: Blonde
Height: 6'0
Weight: 140
Complexion: White
Race: Telekinsis user, Element User. (His parents are of two differen races.)
Appearence: American-Russian
Hates: Studying, not getting what he wants.
Likes: Games, games, games, money, betting, having pretty boyfriends.
Powers: Reading Minds, Moving Objects, Water, Fire, Wind, Earth.

I've also decided on NO SEQUEL. even though I have the whole next story about the two of them lined up, I don't want to ruin the first book. Thats what I was skeptical about. A lot of sequels ruin the original, and I DEFINATENLY don't want to ruin this. x.x

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