We are forced to walk down the path

A path that we don't want to walk

Yet all the same we do it anyway

Knowing that it will turn out the same

Red blood

Flows into our mouths

Our curse doesn't end

I wish I was human again

I reach down to touch her

Warm and fragile

My ice fingers brush against her

My hunger calls

White fangs glisten

They pierce her skin

She won't awake

Ever again

I am merciful to her

I won't force her to live a life like mine

I will not be that cold, that cruel

Her soul is not mine to control

So now I leave her

Lifeless on the ground

Her unwilling sacrifice

Comes at a high price

My life is flashes of happiness

Wrapped in never ending pain

With this blackened heart of hatred

Filled with a stream of diamond tears

We are created

Into this world

Maybe a punishment

For what we have done

This is about a vampire if you haven't guessed. I 'm trying to make this into a story poem(my friend calls it an epic). So please read and REVIEW! ) LATDCOMM(located at the darkest corner of my mind)