Young Love

I'm thinking about the one

That I loved for so long

The one that has been in

More than one of my songs

I'm thinking about

The length we've been friends

And the times that he patiently waited

For my stories to end

I'm thinking about the times

When he said the wrong things

And when he found out it hurt me

He apologized about everything

I'm thinking about

What it would be like to date

When I'm mature enough to know

How not to become one's bait

I love liking in secret

But one day I hope

That I won't to dwell or wonder

Nor worry or mope

Maybe when I'm 16

And when I'm able

He'll like me more

Than guys like their TV cable

By then I'll be ready

And hopefully he

Will have matured

To the kind of guy he should be

For now I'll just sit

And keep on thinking

About the situation

While my friends keep on winking

They tell me that one day

My dreams will come true

If I'm just patient

One day he'll come through

Right now I'm too young

And there's plenty of time

Before you will see

My wedding bells chime