The dragon quakes with anger; the fury building up in it is evident. Eventually, it explodes, spouting out flames and smoke along with a liquid filled with suffering. The thick rivers of pain race down the sides of the dragon at unbelievable speeds, destroying anything in their way within seconds. The fiery crimson tongues of flame swallow anything leftover after the land is ravaged by anguish.

A fine ,powdery, almost invisible dust is spat into the air, forming a coating over the land like a comforting blanket; however, this dust is anything but comforting. The dust sneaks its way into the throats of every breathing creature, slowly and painfully murdering even the largest of living things. Their own bodies betray them as the choke on something that barely exists. They stop for a second, trying to clear their throats, but the short time they pause, in itself is too long, for the burning substance overtakes them, enveloping them in its torture.

In minutes, the once beautiful land becomes barren and bleak, as though someone had scrubbed it clean with a sponge.