He said she was lemon ripe with
Juice running down her throat tastes
Like summer in his mouth though
Autumn hair runs through his
Hands and snowflakes shatter in
Her eyes she can't stick with a
Season and it looks as if spring is
At her fingertips she brings to life
Everything anything she touches he
Loves her so much it kills him on
The inside outside every side of
His pulses for her touch if only she
Would want him like he wants her his
Very own untouchable transforming girl

I look into his eyes and think of
How I am not so beautiful how I
Am less than what he sees in someone
Much more amazing than I could
Ever be because I am only ink
Stained and tea drenched scribble
Scratching words on a dry piece of
Any sort of once was tree and sometimes
Even my skin but my tattoos are
Vice compared to smooth curves of
Her cheeks and arms so free of
Any discrepancy I want to rip away
At my skin and forget I feel refuse to
Remember what I've been taught and just
Grow a pair of mirror wings that echo
When I try to fly across the boundaries of
What never was and always will be
Nothing and everything gliding through
My skin and hair so mediocre so
Lacking in any sort of beauty whatsoever

So I smile and say it will all be
All right and everything will work
How it's supposed to be and love
Will come to you because it never
Came to me and he forgets me all
The time and I always think of him but
It doesn't really matter when my
Fingers are crossed in lies just like
My lips that must taste like dead
Leaves and broken dreams because they've
Been forgotten and so have I