Will you take me in your arms, and

sing sweet, sweet cliché love songs?

Will you contradict what they all say, and

tell me that I'm not as worthless as I feel?

Will you hold me tight, next to your heart, and

whisper in my ear that I should stop crying?

Will you brush away my teardrops and confess

to me that I am what I feel, so I should feel beautiful?

See, I'd love to run home, but I don't really got one,

so will you take me in and call me your own?

Their anger don't impress me, it's just a slap in the face.

So won't you shield from the insult of living this life?

Won't you protect me from the never-ending steam of lies?

My life is a black balloon, floating towards the sky,

and you are the helium that fills it and helps me rise.

See, I hide myself behind a broken smile and a broken mask

and you're the only one I've ever thought of letting in.

All I can breathe to survive is the air that you breathe.

I'd give up forever if it meant being with you for always.

And all I can taste is this moment which I never want to end.

I'd fall down on my knees and beg if it meant your love.

I don't want the world to know who I really am,

but there's an exception to every rule, isn't there?

You make me feel like I'm dancing on clouds in the sky,

where I can forget the past and ignore the future.

So won't you take me in your arms and

reassure me that this isn't all a dream?


A/N: But it is, isn't it?