Just A Ghost Lingering In The Shadows

Just a ghost lingering in the shadows
Waiting upon your arrival
Knowing that as you return
There will be no greeting between us
After all I am just a ghost lingering in the shadows.
Bound in yards and yards of brutal chains…
That cut and bind deeply within.
Don't ever kid yourself into believing that ghosts don't bleed
For we do and tears too are drops of blood that we shed.
There's a lingering scent of the fire upon the hearth
That fills the room with a smoky haze
Ever it burns with a glow in the hope of your return
Yet chills in the midst of this hearth warmth is all that I feel
So numb and cold and knowing that only a touch…
Just one touch of your life on mine and flames of passion
Would burst igniting and setting all ablaze
Melting these chains that bind
Casting them into a heap of molten metal
That stepping forth out of them...
As to the ground the chains would drop
Allowing the freedom so oft that is coveted
The freedom of sharing some tender moments
Of care one for the other.
For the ghost that lingers in the shadows
Would suddenly in the flames
Come again into completeness and
Know what it is to feel…
To be human once again.