Three Hour Increments

There are times that I have learned
That living in three hour increments
Can the only amount of time be conceived
In a making it through process of living

Got these little tea lites
So fragrant don't cha realize
Their warmth can be comforting
While whittling the hours away

With a match in one hand
The wick of a tea lite is inflamed
If undisturbed there is wax
Enough for three hours of contemplation

Sometimes it is that sleep overtakes
With many the hours till awakening
While other times it is a chain that is formed
As from one tea lite the next is set all aglow

Living in three hour increments
Has gotten me through many a heartache
For as three hours melts into another three hours
Further down the road of life is trod

Going further on in time
Taking three hours as onward making journey
It isn't that the heartache comes to be no longer
Rather somewhere in a three hour increment...healing comes