Just a satire I had to write for english class.

Caffeine Induced Insanity

A girl, Shauna, walked up to her bus stop. She sat down and watched as two others came over to her. One, Sakura, was carrying a can of jolt in one hand and her backpack in the other. The other, Yuri, was carrying a book. Sakura seemed strangely calm, which was unusual for her. Yuri however was carrying a book that she was reading intently while balancing her trumpet case strap on one shoulder and her backpack on the other. They both sat down. This was the first time either of them had tried Jolt as both seemed generally normal.

About a week later both of them continued to drink the stuff. Recently Shauna had decided to hang around with some other friends of hers after school. There were Rose, Silas, and Vandy. They had also been drinking Jolt. Just that day, during lunch, Vandy had claimed he had drunk a whole can earlier in the morning and by 4th lunch he was shaking uncontrollably. Silas had wanted to try out for a part in a play but decided not to try. Now he couldn't wait for the next audition so he could try out. Back at the bus stop Shauna went over to Sakura and Yuri. Sakura tripped on her feet and tumbled into a pile on the ground. She stumbled to her feet and claimed she was all right. Vandy, Silas, and Rose stopped by. Vandy was acting insane; he started climbing the wall up the school and jumped down without injuring himself. Silas started to give various acted out reactions of his fall. His mood suddenly changed and he sulked off to a nearby tree.

In the past few days, Rose had claimed she hadn't had any sleep and had been energetic all night until the caffeine wore out. Then she would just drink more in the morning to keep herself awake during the day. She also mentioned she hadn't been bored to death or yawned once during Physics, not the most interesting subject. Silas was up and running around claiming that if they tried hard enough they could fly. Sakura tripped again, this time over Vandy's backpack. She regained her footing and leapt off the ground, flying up to the roof. From there she did a dive and landed perfectly on her feet. Yuri came up with a game called 'let's jump over the moving buses and see what happens.' She wandered into the street and stopped a bus that was headed straight for her with superhuman strength. Sakura jumped at Silas who in turn sidestepped her. Shauna couldn't take it any more and picked up a half empty can and drank it. She started swaying slightly then leaned against a tree grinning madly.

Another day passed and everyone began saying they would stop drinking caffeine for a while because it was making everyone sick. Sakura came to school the next day complaining of a migraine.