It's hard to fit in when you try to be normal in the secondary 3 asylum (sec3 a for short). The best way to fit in is be crazy…in sec 3 a it's usual for things to happen. With Steven shouting, Charlotte joking, Justin acting 'prefectish', Mike speaking in Korean, Anna getting lost, Huh Jin running around, Eldrian going nuts, Natasha (a. Nat) trying to be serious or getting hyper, yuna kidding around with us and Sarah being stressed (or hyper when she laughs). Of course even our teacher, Mr. Dennis joins in on the fun. We laugh or heads off in class and we stick together. Its one of the best classes in sis (even though every one says that about their class). Sure we get our share of trouble too! But I think I would rather be part of this mental asylum than not. You might think I'm the quiet kid in class but in the sec 3 a mental asylum…even I can't help going crazy…it's the charm of sec3 a, the best part of this unique class. I tried my best to name most of the crazy things my classmates do, but I have definitely missed a lot of them. It's sort of like a zoo, all sorts of creatures acting crazy…you might think I mean that in a bad way, but I don't! The zoo or asylum, whatever you might call it, is part of our unique charm. What I might have said might be offending but that's not the way I mean it…which is why I came up with these special poems. I'll start with:

A stands for Asylum?

These images are hard to see

But I'll try and make them as clear as can be

Fits of laughter

Outburst of amusement

It's just something Steven said

Or Eldrian did

Or charlotte performed

Anna is in her own world

And Justin tries to stop us from laughing

Uncontrollable is what we are

And this laughter is just a daily routine

Mike joins in

Chattering in Korean

A prefect stops him to enforce the rule

While half way across

It's a different story… …

Steven hits Huh Jin and she's annoyed

Justin tries to intercept these plays

Eldrian defends his best friend

And the rest of us in fits of laughter does he send

But to Anna all this is oblivious

She doesn't usually see the obvious

Sarah is stressed as she can be

And that is something we can see

Yuna punches Eldrian

He tries to get away as fast as he can

Meanwhile Natasha and char

Talking across the room they are

I just watch this trying to keep my face straight

Trying my best to concentrate

As laughter fills the room yet again

I can't help but join in

Well here is another one:

Whether it's English math or business

It doesn't matter to us

We have fun in every class

Some would call us weird

Others will think we're nuts

But that's the way it is

The way it's meant to always be

We get stressed

But we still have fun

You just can't walk in and feel right at home

You have to get used to us first

All of Steven's shouting

Mike's chattering,

Sarah's stressing

And charlotte being entertaining

Anna's blurriness

Justin's "prefectness"

Eldrian's craziness

Not to mention Nat's friendliness

Then there's Huh Jin

always around

And then there's philander

Not making a sound

Yuna, who likes to shock us

With her sudden "accusation"

Then there's my "quietness"

this to me is a major confusion

that's all there is

I can't think of anymore

But I have a feeling

There's more in store…