Something stirs within me
Every time I see your face
Your smile beaming
Eyes flashing with delight

My heart pounds
My head spins deleriously
You give me a natural high
Surpassing any drug on earth.

My face flushes
Red with embarassment
I've said the wrong thing
For the seventh time tonight.

You laugh along
Teasing me about my idiocy
Joking about my inability
To stay balanced on firm ground.

I smiled widely
Pleased by your joking
Cheered by your laughter
Willing to screw up to hear it again.

You make my foolishness
Seem like the grandest gift.
And making you smile
Is the best reward.

The way you look at me
Through the corner of your eye
A playful smile lingering at your lips
Makes me giggle like a school girl.

When you leave
I feel like my world is being torn apart
But I'll see you soon
And this all will start again.