It's Been A Hard Day's Night

Bone chilling cold penetrating through layers of thermals
Journey has been excruciating long
Each step growing steeper amid deep drifts of snow
Hardships many multiplied being borne and endured
Somewhere once in time this climb made sense
Onward I venture and the mind grows numb
Yet somewhere in deepest soul a throbbing begins
Hope gives the push to keep on, never minding the trials
Blood is thick and barely flowing
It feels as though encompassed by the angel of death
The angel knocks yet spirit is tough
The door remains closed
While yet the angel beckons, calling forth
Giving to know, I am here and here…take my hand…
Harsh and bitter winds doth continually blow
Ice pelts at skin chafed raw
Time seems to stand still
With what little functioning remains of the mind
The question can not help but to be expressed,
Is this soon to be the place where the line is to be passed
As entrance is being made into an eternity that looms ever present
Then I awake….
To a room of sweltering heat
The mercury ever rising
Realizing that a scorcher of blistering rays of sun
Are about to inflict their burning punishment
Stumbling out of bed, heading for a cooling shower
Feeling cold sprays of water gush
I long to be making steep the climb as ice pelts and winds doth blow