The Waiting Game

Some people call it butterflies,
That feeling you know.
Bleeding like the old corpse
Pecked at by crows.
Your flesh is so cold
As they drill through your middle,
Just like you've consumed
All the cheap beer in Lidl.

Just like any other game
It's sadistic and rotten:
Think of 'Snakes and Ladders'
When you've slid to the bottom.
Your airways are tightening
Like a boa constrictor,
Your hands are now shaking
They go off the Richter.

When playing the waiting game
Just before the stage,
All against you are odds
But somehow you win it.
You're playing the waiting game
Right before the stage
Only pride to be lost,
Yet you'll never lose it.

(All against you are odds
but somehow you'll win it.)

(Is it worth the elation
for the build up towards it?)

Disclaimer: Lidl is a registered trademark which I totally don't own. I don't own Snakes and Ladders either, I'm just using them as points of referral.