Hey everyone, first story! everyone cheers Thank you, thank you. This one's in a guy's POV, since there aren't that many around and yes, being different is pretty cool. soo here it is.

oh, and if anything offends you, don't be, because I'm a girl too and I would punch anyone who would dare to say these things out loud. This is just how some guys thing, therefore this is how Riley thinks. And, depending on what you reviewers say, I might try a couple in the girl's Margo's POV. On to the reading!

I'm feeling mean today

Not lost, not blown away

Just irritated and quite hated

Self control breaks down

Why's everything so tame?

I like my life insane

I'm fabricating and debating

Who I'm gonna kick around

Right now

Can't find a way

To get across the hate

When I see you

Right now

I rip apart the things inside

That excite you

Right now

I can't control myself

I fuing hate you

The sound of Korn blasted through Riley's headphones as he walked through the familiar doors of Ottowa Prep's field house with a basketball tucked under his arm. Before he got two feet in the door, a deep voice sounded behind him.

"Yo, Riley, you ready to kick some Hartlett ass tonight?" Riley turned around and smirked. "You bet your ass we will, Tenaeo. Last year we beat them 67-64 in overtime. This time, well, let's say with their starting center gone, it's gonna be a hell of a lot easier. Plus, we can show off our dunking skills to the ladies." He winked, and Tenaeo rolled his eyes. "Sure, bro, whatever you say. But rumor has it from my shawtie Danelle at Hartlett that there's gonna be a big surprise for us tonight." Riley looked at him, one eyebrow cocked up, staring at Tenaeo with his infamous stare. The big center glared. "What? Bro, don't look at me like that, don't you think that if I knew, I would tell my own homie?" He sighed. "I have no idea. She wouldn't budge. Whole school rivalry thing made her clam up on me." He sighed. Riley looked up, concerned. "C'mon, dude, stop hangin' your head like a lovesick puppy. She'll open up once this thing is all over but you gotta get her out of your head! Clear your mind, dude. Clean as the court floor. Nothin' but this." He held up the basketball that he had tucked under his arm. "Nothing," he repeated. "You got that?" Tenaeo was silent for a minute, then visibly straightened. "Yeah, I got it. See ya on the court." With that, he turned away and hustled over to the locker room, gym bag in tow. Riley looked after him for a moment, then remembered what Tenaeo said earlier. "There's gonna be a big surprise for us tonight..." He shook his head. Hell if he knew. Clean and blank as a new court floor. Yeah. Got it.

"Aaaaand NOW, ladies and gentlemen, here's what you've all been waiting for. At 6'2 and 175 pounds, this point guard led the team to win the state championship, and on to place fifth in the nationals. Your starting point, senior, MVP, and captain, number 23, let's give it up for RIIILLLEEEEYYYYY "THE HAMMER" JAMEISON! Riley sprinted out onto his home court, his green and yellow uniform blending perfectly with the green wood floor. He ran past his teammates, slapping high-fives and riling the team up for the game. Looking around for the other team, the Hartlett Academy Black Knights, proved futile because they weren't there. That's weird he thought. Where the hell are they? The home team's supposed to be announced last! At that, the announcer started talking again, announcing the other players, because, he explained, their bus got caught in traffic. Yeah right,Riley thought to himself. He tuned out the announcer to get into his zone, but snapped out of it to hear and see who the star of the team was. "At 5'9 and weighing an athletic 140 pounds, their new starting point guard who led her old team--" Riley started. Wait...WHAT? This has to be some kind of sick joke...I am NOT going to play against a GIRL! There's girl's basketball! Damn it, this is a MEN'S sport, chicks just have to butt into EVERYTHING we do, don't they! ARGH! "--to the nationals to tie in fifth place with our very own Ottowa Prep, even though she sat on the bench from a torn left ACL, their captain and senior, number 29, Margo Ashley!" The crowd booed, and Riley smiled.

I love the fans.

"Captains, come to the center circle and shake hands, please," the ref said. Riley glared at the ref for a moment, then decided that glaring wouldn't help things. Straightening, he walked over to the center circle where the other captain stood, waiting, a scowl on her sun-weathered face. His eyes quickly traveled down her tanned and muscular body, taking in her dark brown hair and her wide, doe-like brown eyes that were now narrowed because of the look of complete disgust contorting her face. Riley mentally smacked himself. No no no no NO! She is the ENEMY, the DEMON, the freaking SPAWN OF SATAN! You want to beat her so bad, she'll go home and cry in her room for days on end! Get your head in the GAME, Jameison! He shook his head a little, trained a scowl on his face, and stepped up to the center line. Their narrowed eyes met as they looked into each others' eyes, burning with contempt and complete hatred as they shook hands in death grips, fighting for dominance. Riley's eyes widened slightly. Damn she's strong. Before they could do anything else, the refs butted in. "Okay, that's enough, you two, save it for the court. Better yet, settle it somewhere else, we don't need a brawl on campus." Riley and Margo broke eye contact and jumped slightly. "Yeah, got it ref," Riley growled menacingly, glared at the girl again. "Ashley," he growled. "Jameison," she spat, looking as if she had just eaten something distasteful. He snorted and jogged back to his team. He broke into the huddle that was already taking place. "Let's kick their asses, yeah?"

"And the score is tied at 27-27 in the second half with two minutes left on the clock. Both captains, Jameison and Ashley, have been the leading scorers for their respective teams tonight, although there seems to be a bit of hatred between the two. They have both had four fouls each, all against each other, and are in serious foul trouble. Let's hope that they can keep their rivalry in check for a couple more minutes, and see who comes out on top."

"Stack, boys, set it up!" Riley called to his teammates at the baseline as he snaked past a double-team with the ball. He glanced quickly up at the clock. One minute. That's more than enough. He faked to the left, then drove in to the hoop for an easy layup, or so he thought. As he was about to take his last step, he tripped over Hartlett's center, who had gotten knocked to the ground a second before. Riley tumbled to the ground, muffling a cry of pain as his shooting wrist hit the ground with a loud crack. He pushed his pain to the side, pushed himself up with his un-injured hand, and took off after the ball, which had, in the confusion, been picked up by none other than number 29, Margo Ashley. He sprinted after her, gaining momentum as he caught up. Come on, useless legs, go FASTER! He kept encouraging himself, and got a second wind at the half-court line. In desperation, he swiped at the ball, only to find it already in the air, heading straight toward the hoop. Unable to stop his built-up momentum, he crashed into Margo, sending them both flying. Again, he pushed out his left hand to break his fall, and saw stars in front of his eyes from the extreme pain when he hit the ground. He groaned and tried to get up, but fell back to the ground, feeling unstable. He felt the something on top of him move and get up quickly. "MEDIC!" he heard a female voice bellow, "Get the hell over here, NOW!" Her voice softened, and worry filled her low voice. "I'm here, man, I'm not goin' anywhere, just hang tight, okay?" "Okay," Riley whispered as a he sank into an inky blackness.

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