Part 6

The heavy wooden doors of the cabin slowly swung open. The sound of the soft, muted footsteps of the man against the coarse wooden floor dissipated into the air. His eyes fell upon the mergirl, asleep in the tub as if it were a bed. A half smile tugged at his lips. Her relaxed form was a comfort to see in a place when little comfort was found. He stooped down and gently kissed her cheek.

Her eyes fluttered open at his touch. She smiled softly, forgetting all the troubles that had haunted her the past few months. The night was breaking into dawn, but a sparkle of rain dropped down from the gray cloud-covered sky. The soft sound of the drizzle sent a calming wave of relief over the mergirl, the pirate, and the crew.

Wordlessly, he lightly touched her arm, asking her what was wrong, and why had she climbed into the ship? Unable to convey the information, she merely shook her head desolately. She wanted so badly to be capable of speaking once more. She wanted so badly to tell him what was haunting her. A tear stole a path from her eyes to her chin. She had been badly frightened.

The pirate sensed her anguish and straightened up, a thought forming in his mind. He gently hugged her and gave her a soft kiss goodbye, and left the cabin, much to her confusion.

He stepped to the first mate, who was sailing the ship at the moment since he, the Captain, was unavailable. The Captain commanded the first mate to set an unusual course, rare for one such as he. The pirates and the mermaid would be heading to the Caribbean sanctuary of Isle de Pavlava.