Dear Diary,

I hate calling you diary, whatever – we'll cover that later. Today Anne totally bit my "style" (so to speak). I mean.. is it cool to carry around a stupid notebook/journal with you everywhere? So that you can mark down the little dark or light fragments in your head on paper – is that actually cool? It's just a way for me to keep from exploding in this dirty, unforgiving world… just a way for me to keep from spilling onto others, pissing them off. Not for style, or fashion. Fuck that. I mean what's the point of carrying around useless items with you? Waste of space and time if you ask me. But whatevs, if you think it makes you cool Anne, go ahead. Go right ahead.

Oh, so.. what else is cool lately? You guessed it diary – cutting yourself is now apparently cool. Wow. I'm almost seventeen now, and I believe I started the dirty deed just as I turned thirteen. You know, (tone - drippage of sarcasm) I TOTALLY flaunted of my slashes and blood to everyone everywhere (/tone). DUDE. What else is funny is couples wearing the same outfit. How pathetic is that, eh? Like desperation to prove they're one? Or in love? I DON'T REALLY KNOW, but I find it pathetic and retarded. But back to what I was talking about initially. Cutting – what's the deal… I mean it's not like I wanna be the only one who cuts, God knows.. I wish I didn't even do it, but I think it's disgraceful to make light of such a dark topic. Don't you agree diary? I mean… it just gives those who do it for personal reasons a real horrible name. What's the deal with that? I don't flaunt off my slashes, in fact I make sure they're hidden. And what's the point of the flaunters are going to show off their scrapes also known as cuts or slashes? There is truly no point.. it just makes them look as though they are cowards. It's just cowardly adaptation of things that we're not in their hearts to begin with. And then looking at them I see myself in a different light, I'll wish I never started this to give example – even to those who twisted it for something more disgraceful.

Whatever, life is a trend, goodnight diary.