"She sleeps a lot," someone remarked nearby. Sera blinked and sat up quickly—a little too quickly, she was overcome by dizziness and almost fell back down. Someone put their hand on her back, giving her support from behind.

"You're awake Sera?" she squinted and saw that Marissa was waving her hand in front of her face—she could see.

"Anything wrong there?" Kaz leaned over her head. Sera stared at him; possibly because this was the first time she noticed that both his eyes were different colors.

"Nothing's wrong Kaz, she's just scared of your eyes again," Isshin scoffed from a far off corner. Sera turned and focused on the Commander, he seemed tired, but nonetheless, kept his posture up.

"We should send her back to 2nd Division to rest. She'll need to rest for at least a week so she could heal. That goes for you too Isshin," Haldar was the one who caught Sera before she fell back on the ground. He was looking at the Commander with a stern face. Only Haldar would dare order Isshin around, and usually he was serious when he did send an order out.

"I'll take her," Marissa pulled Sera up to her feet and started walking her out the door, Kaz following behind her closely.

"Captain?" A familiar voice called out to them. Sera turned around quickly and saw Shosuke standing in the hall awkwardly; he was playing with his hands out of embarrassment.

"Ah, there you are Shosuke. How about you take Sera back to her room. I think she'll enjoy your presence than mine," Marissa chuckled before Kaz took her hand and led her down a different hall.

Shosuke and Sera stood there in the hall staring at each other nervously. Neither knew what to say to the other. Finally, Shosuke broke the silence.

"So…um…is your eyes better?" he asked hopefully. Sera smiled.

"Yeah, it's all better now. But the Captain's are tired out, even the Commander exhausted. That spell must have taken a lot of power."

"It's an elemental spell, I expected that," Shosuke pointed out. "Now, don't I have to bring you to your room now?" Sera smiled sneakily.

"You don't have to," she remarked. "We could go and—uh—bug your brother for times sake? He's being punished."

"I heard," Shosuke laughed. "Both Dad and Mom put in their two cents worth in punishing him. Mom wasn't too happy to hear that he nearly sent you to your death."

"That's not nice to say," Sera's big smile faded slightly, but was soon replaced by a smaller, gentler, smile as Shosuke slipped his hand into hers.

"So…um…shall we go to…um…the garden?" Shosuke blushed when he said this. Sera laughed and squeezed his hand.

"If that is where you want to go Assistant Captain Shiba." The two exchanged embarrassed looks as they walked down the halls; occasionally glancing at one another when they thought the other wasn't looking.