The Tide Is On It's Way Back

Forever it seems as though the tidal waters of my life have been away at sea

Have ebbed away

Going, going far away on far distant shore

Gone so far in fact that way, way to the opposing horizon they have traveled and there remained frozen as it were in time

Yet time continued on

For it was in a daytime that they washed away to sea

While only now, many the years later

At sunset that the tidal waters are splashing the shoreline of my life

Woosh! The water whirls about my feet

That for endless parched miles it seems I have been walking the shoreline

…of time… as Seagulls so precious have stayed close by

Soaring on winged flight giving encouragement to the hungering soul, the thirsting spirit within

That to just hold on… for once again the tidal waters that had ebbed away for such a long, long time would once again be given to flow freely towards me

Why it is that as this old world of mine has drifted so endlessly out with the tidal waters

Ever in search of returning to the shores of home

That even the NightScape changed, or so it seemed

Both in magnitude as well as...

Being there.. for it was as though stars had ceased to shine and the moon..

Ahhh those dreamy nights… when into a living nightmare were turned as moon fell shrouded behind a curtain of dark clouds so dreary

Seeking ever to bring forth a haunting

With arrows piercing the heart, bleeding to the point of...reaching far distant shore that beckons where one can no longer venture on...