Feeling The Rush Of Home

Can't believe it
Seems as though in a dream
My feet just felt the rush of home
Walked some steps that hadn't trod in years
Man I can't believe it
I just touched down and my soul is soaring

Years ago on daily a basis
Several times a day at times
There were these paths of woodland beauty
Paths by a river flowing
Where my feet would meet with the trail

Then life got all in a rush to hurry up and go nowhere
Errands of home always to be done
With moments to simply be no longer to be had
It was always time to be somewhere else
Always it seemed at two places I was needed…at the same time

But tonight it was different
Don't let anyone kid you for different is good
Got to go walking on the trail where every step was once known
Knew where there was a bend in the trail
Where each species of tree had it's own nitch

Sun was just about to take a dip for the day
Two Canada Geese flying low over the pond
A family with their dog out walking them
A bench at far distance of the trail by a row of pine trees
Where I used to sit and contemplate

Can't believe the years that have passed by
Can't believe all these months away from the familiar trail
Gosh it was so good this evening
To feel the rush surge through
Can't remember when last I had it so good