Damian sighed, turning over once more on his bed, and once more trying to find a comfortable position. It was nearly two in the morning. He'd been trying to fall asleep since eleven, but had had no luck thus far. He'd almost given up three times, each time deciding that if he didn't fall asleep in the next 30 minutes, he'd get up and finish his English paper. Finally, he sat up, running his fingers through his shaggy dark hair and sighing. This was going nowhere. He might as well get some homework done while he was suffering.

Throwing off his blanket, he stood up, his bare feet touching the cold, hard wooden floor and making him shiver slightly. Currently he was only wearing sleeping pants, which should have been plenty warm for an early October night, but it was almost unnaturally cold this night. Flipping on his desk lamp, he fell into his computer chair and switched on his laptop (a very sexy 17" wide-screen). Pulling up his half completed assignment, Damian scrolled through it, checking for any grammatical errors or anything of the sort.

He jumped when he heard the front door open and slam shut, but relaxed quickly. It was just Leah coming home from work. She waited at a restaurant and liked to take the late shifts so she could sleep in and stay up late. Leah Summers was his roommate and his best friend since the 6th grade when he first moved there. She'd been the only one that didn't mock him for being the new kid and actually sat with him at lunch. Now they were sophomores in college and still as close as ever.

And of course, as all great friendships go, Damian was utterly and completely in love with her. He didn't know when he'd realized this, but he'd probably been in love with her for a lot longer than he noticed. Shutting his laptop, he set it on his bed before walking over to his bedroom door and opening it slowly.

Leah stood in the kitchen, leaning against a counter as she waited for water to boil so she could relax with some tea before heading off to bed. She looked up to catch him staring at her and she immediately stood up straight, smiling warmly at him, "Hey! Thought you'd be in bed by now."

He shrugged and joined her in the kitchen, leaning against the counter across from her, "Nah, who needs sleep? Coffee works pretty well. How was work?"

"Oh, well... Work," She grinned, "You want some tea? We can stay up late watching Fresh Prince!"

"Again." Damian finished, going ahead and getting two mugs out for them.

A short while later, they were both sitting side by side on the love seat, Will Smith on the television, dressed in very 90's attire. Both nudging each other at the innuendos and sipping chai vanilla tea, as was their Saturday night tradition. At the end of one episode, Leah gently laid her head upon his shoulder, holding her tea in her lap, her hands wrapped around it for warmth. As strands of her hair slid over his uncovered chest, Damian tried to keep telling himself that she was his best friend and he better not fuck that up.

They spent a whole episode like that, completely silent, the whole while Damian wondering if she was as nervous as he was. As the credits rolled on the final episode for the night, he shifted, trying to let her raise her head up from his shoulder. She remained motionless as he reached for the television remote, pushing the power button and sending the room into sudden darkness.

Turning slightly, he waited for his eyes to adjust before looking at her again. Her eyes were closed, her lips slightly parted. She was fast asleep. Slowly he reached for her half-empty and now tepid mug, setting it on the table beside the couch. Moving back, he traced a finger down the side of her face, pushing back a stray piece behind her ear. He sighed softly, letting his hand come to rest on her shoulder.

She was truly beautiful when she slept, a calm and evoking beauty; and when she smiled... The things Damian did to make her smile. It was like the whole room lit up.

Leah murmured something in her sleep and his attention was drawn back to her mouth. The question of how she would taste flit across his mind and he closed his eyes. Would she be angry with him if he kissed her? Would she laugh it off like she did most of his advances?

She was the type of person that never believed she was any different from any other girl. She'd had boyfriends here and there but mostly never thought that anyone special could pick her out when other girls had so much to offer. Leah never thought she'd become anything, never thought she'd get a true love, never thought she deserved anything like that. Damian had always just wanted to show her how beautiful she was.

And dammit, blame it on the insomnia, blame it on her mouth, blame it on Fresh Prince, the next thing he knew, his lips were on hers.

She jerked slightly under him, her eyes fluttering open and he immediately jumped up, rushing back to his room before he could even think about it. He shut the door behind him, all the while cursing to himself what an idiot he was. He fucked up the best thing that had ever happened for what? A millisecond of romance.

He faced away from the door, one hand on his hip and the other tangled in his hair, going over in his mind just how much he had fucked up. He heard the door open and he turned around, deciding to just pour out a lie and see if it worked, "Leah, I'm sorry, I just-"

Damian's no-doubt horrible lie was quickly intercepted by her mouth as her hands grabbed his shoulders and pulled him nearer to him. He was shocked, but quickly getting over it and returning the kiss as much as he could. She tasted better than he ever imagined and he felt as if he would melt right there, his arms snaking around her waist to pull him against him. When they ran out of breath, they stopped for a second.

"So, I guess there's-"

"Stop talking, dammit." She hissed, pulling him back to her and deepening the kiss.

Even as they fell onto his bed and things started going further, Damian was sure that later on he may be viewing it as one of the biggest mistakes of his life, but he was going to make it anyway.