Author's Note: A series of short, cute dialogue stories that have no common with one another. Stay tuned for more. (;
redone August 30 2007

She's Not You
Dialogue One

Her: You! What's your problem?

Him: What the hell did I do?

Her: Oh don't pretend that you don't know.

Him: Sorry, I'm not psychic.

Her: You're very frustrating, you know that?Him: I'm frustrating? You're frustrating! I'm not the one who's been ignoring me for the past couple of days.

Her: Well you avoided me first.

Him: Because you rejected me!

Her: W-well . . . Ugh, I'm just not used to guys like you coming up to me and confessing, okay?

Him: Is it so hard to believe that I like you?

Her: Frankly, yes.

Him: Why is that? You're beautiful, witty, fiery . . .

Her: Stop smirking like that. Flattery will get you no where. And . . . What about her? The most popular girl in school? What is your problem?

Him: . . . What about her? . . . My problem? What the hell did I do?

Her: And we're back to this again. Face it. You're captain of the football team, you were dating one of the most popular girl in school . . . It's a wonder you dumped her.

Him: I did it for you.

Her: That's why it's a wonder.

Him: I find it honestly amusing that you get great marks in class, but when it comes to relationships . . .

Her: I'm clueless, right?

Him: Frankly, yes.

Her: Heh . . . Don't mock me. That's not very nice.

Him: So is rejecting people.

Her: I'm cautious, okay? Like I said, she's popular, I'm not. She's far more beautiful than I could ever hope to imagine. She's decent in class. And you guys make a handsome couple. So, what is it? What's wrong with her?

Him: Do you really want to know?

Her: It is why I asked.

Him: Hah . . . It's a secret.

Her: How very mature.

Him: It's something small . . . But significant. Something that's so obvious, but to other people they wouldn't understand.

Her: What is it? What's her problem, then?

Him: She's not you.