Author's note: I found this in my old journal, wrote it round August 2007 and I've been meaning to share it with you guys. So, here it is!

Dialogue Fifteen

Boy: Ooh, is tough girl crying?

Girl: Leave me alone.

Boy: Are you… actually crying?

Girl: You can laugh at me, but can you please do it later?

Boy: Oi. Where do you think you're going? I'm not letting you leave.

Girl: Why not?

Boy: Sit.

Girl: Why? So you can further examine and proceed to mock my face? To laugh at how ugly I look?

Boy: …No, not this time.

Girl: What is it then?!

Boy: I want to…

Girl: Yes?

Boy: Oh, never mind. Just tell me why you're crying. It's about your boyfriend, isn't it? Do you want me to—

Girl: He broke up with me.

Boy: What?

Girl: He said that… that he knows I don't love him anymore, not the way I use to. It just hurts, you know?

Boy: Heh, yeah, I know what you mean…

Girl: He said that… as long as I won't admit my feelings for this… boy… no one would want me.

Boy: He's a fool. Don't listen to him,

Girl: …Maybe he's right. Who would want someone who argued so much? I'm selfish too. No one would.

Boy: You're wrong… I would want you. I do want you.